In this post, we’re going to tell you about nine epic surf resorts located off the beaten track.

In fact, all nine will provide you with a surf trip you’ll never forget.

So let’s kick things off with undoubtedly one of the most remote resorts in Indonesia!

1. Sozinhos Surf Lodge


Looking for a true hidden gem with world-class waves, consistent swell, no crowds and value for money?

Then you’ve landed in the right place.

Sozinhos Surf Lodge is located directly in front of the surf spot known as ‘Asu’, a perfect mechanical left-hander that is never short on swell and can handle more size than you’re likely to.

Imagine letting seven perfect set waves go by unridden because you’ve chosen the eighth one, well at Sozinhos on Asu Island this is your reality. There are 7 other world-class breaks to choose from, all accessible with their speed boats from the resort/lodge.


Far from the crowds, cars and the hustle and bustle, Sozinhos is open year-round so you can escape the crowds in Nias and the Mentawai Islands. And they offer cheaper rates for long stays out of season.

Where is Asu Island?

Asu is located in a small cluster of remote islands known as the Hinakos, 10km directly off the coastline of Nias.

Sozinhos provides you with 30-minute boat transfers from Nias, where you can choose from a lodge with two rooms and a maximum capacity of six people or one of the two bungalows that also come fully serviced including hot water and AC.

Guests most commonly comment that owner-operator Darryn Harrison is a most gracious and extremely knowledgeable host, along with the very friendly and welcoming but professional staff.

If you are looking for exceptional accommodation on a truly unique island paradise then Sozinhos is what you are looking for.

2. Southern Mentawai Outpost

best-mentawai-surf resort

Located in one of the most remote areas of the Mentawai Islands, the Southern Mentawai Outpost is an all-inclusive, ecologically conscious, surf resort on the previously uninhabited island of Sibigau.

Their island is home to the world-class surf break ‘Thunders’, one of the most consistent waves in Indonesia. The smaller Thunders gets, the harder it barrels, and at head high height it can spin off barrels of 3 seconds or more. Thunders can handle all sizes, and for the chargers, there are days with legitimate 20-foot face waves.

If that isn’t your thing, there are many other breaks in the area, including the renowned Roxy’s aka Coldsprings, which offers fun barrels and walls when Thunders is throwing out waves beyond your limits.

Rag’s Right and Rag’s Left are also within sight of Thunders, less than 3 miles away and a range of other waves too. SMO has boats standing by to get you into the waves of your dreams!


SMO is entirely solar-powered; their buildings are constructed entirely of Bamboo and designed and positioned with prevailing winds in mind. Due to the mindful design of the buildings, air conditioning is unnecessary and have you sleeping comfortably under your sheets at night.

There are no villages on the island, allowing you to enjoy near-exclusive access to expansive white-sand beaches and jungle trails. SMO holds a maximum of ten guests, which prevents crowds and gives you a more personal experience, similar to the experience of a boat trip, with a high staff-to-guest ratio.

If you’re looking for privacy, peace of mind and pumping waves; this is the place to get it!

3. BeOcean Krui


BeOcean Krui offers quality accommodation in South Sumatra. Set right on the beach with a variety of world-class reef breaks on their doorstep as well as access to numerous waves nearby.

Expect a very long one, sometimes, two-day journey to get yourself to South Sumatra. However, once you’re there, you’ll find that BeOcean Krui is in a great central location to all waves in the region.

Expect comfortable bungalows and facilities surrounded by beautiful lush gardens. Enjoy stunning views over the ocean and surf from one of their beachfront decks or the infinity swimming pool.

Get spoiled for choice with a variety of healthy and tasty dishes from breakfast to dinner making sure you are charged up with enough energy to surf all day every day!


The area of South Sumatra offers up a huge range of quality waves without the crowds that are found in the busiest regions of Indonesia. Swell consistency and favourable conditions year-round make this destination a dream trip for most surfers.

While April to October brings the area’s most consistent swells and trade wind conditions, the ‘off-season’ November to March also offers magical surfing sessions! Enjoy the freedom and versatility of their open-schedule surf trips customised to suit your stay with all three delicious meals included, surf guiding, wifi and great amenities to make this a dream surf trip.

4. Simeulue Surflodges


Simeulue Surflodges is located on one of Indonesia’s final frontiers, Simeulue Island!

An almost undiscovered island off the coastline of North Sumatra, where you’ll find the uncrowded waves you’ve been longing for.

On the west coast of Simeulue Island, 100 metres from Dylan’s Right (Simeulue’s best surf spot) is Simeulue Surflodges where you can hit the surf in less than a minute.

When booking you can choose from their main lodge, three cabanas or the largest of them all the treehouse which sits on stilts. Each option has its own private veranda with sun loungers overlooking Dylan’s Right and a fantastic sunset in the evening.


Rooms have two single beds, and a private bathroom with a western-style toilet, hot shower, including shower supplies, drinking water dispenser with free coffee, tea and cold water. In between surfs unwind in the quiet, underneath palm trees, on the beach or in the saltwater pool.

If you want to change it up, go fishing, snorkelling or spearfishing. You can even take some incredible hikes, visit waterfalls, take a trip to the deserted island nearby, or cruise on your motorbike to soak up the culture of Simeulue and its mostly deserted beaches.

Guests often comment that Simeulue Surflodges is one of the best places they’ve stayed. With a super chilled and relaxed atmosphere, superb hospitality, great food, oceanfront accommodation, free pick-up and drop-off at the airport and uncrowded waves, it’s not hard to agree. Check out their video here.

5. Sumatra Surf Resort


Sumatra Surf Resort is located on the point directly in front of one of Sumatra’s most consistent waves – ‘Ujung Bocur’.

This famous left-hand point break, barrels and grinds its way down 200-metres of reef.

Besides surfing the longest left in Sumatra, you can choose from heaving barrels at Way Jambu 15-minutes south, softer reef breaks like Krui Left 20-minutes north or endless beach breaks at Mandiri Beach 15-minutes away. Not to mention other world-class waves with an hour drive.

Surf all day and then relax those aching muscles with a hot shower, then chill out at the 10mx15m pool or beach deck while you enjoy a few ice-cold Bintangs and check out the waves rolling down the point and the awesome sunsets.


Each bungalow has a large covered veranda, flyscreens on all windows, mosquito nets, bedside tables, wardrobe, individually controlled fans, linen, pillows and bath towels (supplied and changed regularly).

While out of the water at Sumatra Surf Resort you’re never short on things to do with a huge common-area building that provides free Wi-Fi, restaurant, bar, pool table, lounge area and Satellite TV. Showing the NRL, AFL, live WSL events including other sports channels and much more.

Sumatra Surf Resort also conveniently caters for beginner surfers with qualified surf instructors and custom surf lessons depending on your experience.

All in all, Sumatra Surf Resort gives you easy access to remote yet world-class waves and brilliant accommodation with superb facilities in a super fun environment at a price that is hard to beat!

6. Ekas Surf Resort


Located in a remote corner of Lombok, this beautiful boutique resort has five double bedrooms and one family unit, providing quality, comfort, affordability and above all a resort with a chilled-out atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle.

Located in the small village of Ekas you are just a short leisurely stroll to the beach and a variety of great waves suitable for beginners through to the world-class breaks of Inside & Outside Ekas.

Ekas Surf Resort conveniently provides a surf boat to Inside Ekas which is included in your room rate.


When you are not surfing or hanging out on the beach there’s plenty to do at the resort, from enjoying their amazing food with a cold drink whilst chilling at the pool. Or watching surf movies and enjoying their entertainment area which has a pool table, table tennis and dartboard.

There are even great tours to nearby jungle waterfalls or you can spend a day snorkelling over amazing coral reefs and enjoy a lunch at the unique and beautiful pink beach.

Ekas Surf Resort also has a surf school available, offering lessons for beginners. Lessons are geared towards having fun while gaining plenty of tips, tricks and techniques to get you up and riding.

Choose from:
• Two-hour surf lesson.
• Full day surf lesson.
• Private guided surf.
• Two-day surf and tour combo.

They have a huge selection of boards to hire including beginner foam boards, fishes, shortboards, mini mals, longboards and SUP’s.

A great option for beginners and intermediate surfers to get away from the crowds. 

7. Roxies Surfcamp


Hidden off the radar in the southern region of the Mentawai Islands you’ll find Roxies Surfcamp with a super fun wave also known as Roxies just minute’s walk from the camp. The wave is a rippable right-hander that is enjoyed by all surfers. With some size, the wave produces softer almond-shaped barrels compared to the heavier barrels you find throughout the Mentawai’s.

Roxie’s is a very affordable option in the Mentawai’s, providing solitude in beautiful surroundings, beachfront with views over the ocean and bay. They’ve also got plenty of daily activities available if you’re ever looking for something to do in between surfs. 


8. Inlight Lombok

inlight lombok

Inlight Lombok is a beautiful accommodation oasis, hidden beachfront, in the icon hills of Gerupuk.

The resort has three spectacular outdoor pools, unique ocean views which include sunrises, cliffs, mountains, a beach and the surf.

With five super fun spots to surf within 10 minutes by boat, Inlight can organise a boat to take you from their beachfront location straight to the lineup.


Gerupuk village is just a short scooter ride away, however, you won’t need to venture far from Inlight Lombok during your entire stay.

While you relax by the pool and recharge your batteries in between surfs, eat at their onsite restaurant where they serve delicious, healthy vegetarian and seafood meals.

Inlight Lombok is an architectural masterpiece designed by the owners themselves. The soft lines of the buildings replicate the contours of the surrounding hills featuring wave-shaped roofs and partitions to find the perfect balance between the local nature and its visitors.

Each villa-studio is equipped with individually designed and locally sourced furniture, featuring an in-room sitting area. Bathrooms are smartly positioned so you can relax in the bathtub while also soaking in views of the bay.

The resort is smartly constructed with environmentally friendly materials to provide you with an ambience of peace and serenity to truly reset and recharge in this remote area of Lombok.

9. InstanaOmbak Eco Resort


Hidden in a very small bay in Java, IstanaOmbak Eco Resort is perfectly situated on a beautiful beach known as Watu Karung.

You won’t find a more luxurious, comfortable, and relaxing place to crash during your time exploring this area of Java.

IstanaOmbak Eco Resort offers package deals for single travellers, couples, and families looking to surf more advanced waves or to simply explore and relax in this part of East Java.

Some of the perks include beachside pools with a perfect view of Watu Karung rights and lefts, a full bar, and a step-up in creature comforts such as privacy and aesthetic architecture.

So there you have it…

Nine hidden surf resorts in Indonesia that will have you packing your board bag as soon as you can!


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