Known predominantly as an island of megacities, captivating natural landscape, magical archaeological sites and of course a large range of spectacular surf spots and remote surf camps. Java surf breaks are split into three regions, West Java, Central Java, and Eastern Java, each with its own set of world-class surf breaks.

Is there good surf in Java? Java surf spots tend to reach their fullest potential between April and November when swells from the South and Southwest crash head-on along the long coastline of reefs and beaches, attracting a lot of the world’s top percentile of surfing ability. There is, however, a large range of fun beaches that provide the best spots to learn to surf in Java as well and waves for all surfing abilities in between.

In peak seasons, waves can easily reach upwards of double overhead plus as most of the reefs are open to ocean swells. Whereas in the off-season you can still expect waves head high and above. Consistent swells, high populations, and great waves can often mean crowds in some areas close to the cities. However, to avoid crowds, most travelling surfers venture by boat to breaks in West Java, the least populated corner of the island or the more secluded areas in Eastern Java.  You can still find secluded line-ups with great waves but you’ll need to do a bit more searching than other areas of Indonesia.

If you’re considering a surf trip to Java, click on any of the images below to find the most detailed and up to date guides for surfers wanting to explore Java’s many surf spots.  You’ll find information packed full of tips and tricks on where to stay, where to eat, where and when to surf, and how to make the best of your next journey in Java.




Java is Indonesia’s 5th largest island and is Indonesia’s epicentre of modernity.  Many travel to Indo for a taste of seclusion, however, Java is known as the most populated island in the world.  With over 140 million people, Java’s not exactly the deserted island than many associate with Indonesia. However while not exactly known for being secluded and solitary, Java surf spots still have it’s many hidden – corners, reefs, bays and beaches full of pumping surf breaks.  

Home to some of the world’s most interesting animals including some of the most critically endangered species in the world. The Javan Rhino, once native to much of Sumatra and mainland Southeast Asia, is now confined to West Java’s Ujung Kulon National Park.  Other unique species to Java include the Mouse Deer, Javan Leopard, and Javan Lutung. Keep your eyes peeled, as the once thought extinct Javan Tiger has been making some recent appearances in the jungle as well!