Ekas is often used interchangeably to describe the southeast corner of Lombok, a village on the island’s west coast, and obviously the surf break.  One of the few waves on the island that is appealing to surfers of all abilities, Ekas refers to two waves, Ekas outside, and Ekas inside. While you can expect peak swells from April to November, Ekas is generally consistent and has surfable waves year round.  




What kind of wave is Ekas Inside?

Inside Ekas is a great wave for beginner or intermediate surfers that can be surfed on all tides. As the tide drops, the wave turns into a wide peak breaking right and left. Rights are typically a bit more walled and fast-breaking while the left’s tend to peal over a long stretch of reef.  Rights and lefts both offer an easy drop into long thigh burners great for plenty of maneuvers. Ekas tends to break year round but expect ideal conditions with decent sized SW swell and SE wind.


What kind of wave is Ekas Outside?

Outside Ekas is a steep hollow wave that breaks at the base of a cliff face.  Unlike its counterpart, SE swell is best as it bends in and hits the reef properly sending some heavy and hollow waves down the reef.  But don’t be fooled, SW and WSW swells still send plenty of fun waves, just not quite as hollow. Too much west in the swell can cause a bump and crumble which will send snowball sections in front of your barrel line.  Breaks best on a high tide with overhead conditions.

    • Wave type:

      Ekas Inside: Reef break

      Ekas Outside: Reef break

    • Wave difficulty:

      Ekas Inside: Beginner upwards

      Ekas Outside: Intermediate upwards

    • What way does the wave break:

      Ekas Inside: Left and Right

      Ekas Outside: Left

    • Sea bottom:

      Ekas Inside: Reef

      Ekas Outside: Reef


  • Booties:

    Ekas Inside: Not necessary

    Ekas Outside: Not necessary

  • Surfboard type:

    Ekas Inside: Longboard to shortboard

    Ekas Outside: Shortboard

  • Crowd factor:

    Ekas Inside: Crowded in peak season

    Ekas Outside: Generally mellow

  • Hazards:

    Ekas Inside: Beginner surfers

    Ekas Outside: Fast scattered waves 

    • Best swell direction:

      Ekas Inside: SSW

      Ekas Outside: SE

    • Best wind direction:

      Ekas Inside: SE

      Ekas Outside: SE

    • What tide does it work best on:

      Ekas Inside: All tides

      Ekas Outside: Mid to high

    • Best tide movement for surfing:

      Ekas Inside: Lowering

      Ekas Outside: Rising


  • How consistent is the surf:

    Ekas Inside: Consistent

    Ekas Outside: Consistent

  • Best time of year for waves:

    Ekas Inside: April – November

    Ekas Outside: April – November

  • What is the vibe like in the lineup:

    Ekas Inside: Mellow

    Ekas Outside: Mellow

  • What other names does Ekas go by?

    Ekas Inside

    Ekas Outside

How do you get in and out of the surf?

Unless you make the long drive around from Awang, most surfers will take advantage of Ekas as a day trip.  If you’re planning on day tripping, take a boat from the other side of the bay in Awang. You will have no problem finding a boat and captain to take you on arrival at Awang harbour.  If you’re looking to lengthen your stay in Ekas, we recommend hiring a car or scooter and crashing at one of the Ekas surf accommodations listed below.



What is the beach like?

The beaches at Ekas are made up of beautiful undeveloped white sand beach along the various stretches of small bays.  Due to less human traffic, Ekas retains much of its charm and natural beauty from decades long past. On the eastern edge of Awang Bay, Ekas beach overlooks a wide expanse of emerald blue water and fun surf.  

Where should I stay?

As Lombok continues to become more developed, you have more options on where you can stay.  Keep reading to discover our recommendations on where to crash while on your surf trip to Ekas.  


Cheapest Price Range – Tira Villa Homestay

Tira Villa Ekas Bay is a quiet, eco-friendly, family run surf accommodation.  Offering four bungalows all crafted with locally sourced materials overlooking Ekas Bay and rolling hills of tropical forest.  More than just your typical homestay, Tira Villa is one of the only places I’ve ever seen to advertise willingness to change their menu to your desire.  So if you just can’t imagine a few days without a full English, this might be the place for you. Only a short drive to the surf breaks at Ekas Tira Villa Homestay is a great option for your stay at Ekas Bay.


Affordable Price Range – Ekas Surf Resort

This beautiful boutique resort has five double bedrooms and one family unit, providing quality, comfort, affordability and above all a resort with a chilled-out atmosphere. Located in the small village of Ekas you are just a short leisurely stroll to the beach and a variety of great waves suitable for beginners through to the world-class breaks of Inside & Outside Ekas. Ekas Surf Resort conveniently provides a surf boat to Inside Ekas which is included in your room rate. When you not surfing or hanging out on the beach there’s plenty to do at the resort, from enjoying their amazing food with a cold drink whilst chilling at the pool.


Mid Price Range – Ekas Breaks

Ekas Breaks Lombok looks and feels like a world-class resort.  Private thatched bungalows are lined around a shared pool and winding manicured gardens.  Set in an unspoilt landscape about 2 kilometres from the ocean and surf, you’ll have to secure transportation to and from the surf at Ekas.  Staff are ever accommodating and are often more than happy to drop you off at the beach. Great for travellers who want a bit of added comfort in their travels but don’t want to break the bank.  


Mid Price Range – Ekas Sunrise

The closest you can stay to Ekas Outside with a view over the surf break. Ekas Sunrise makes you feel like your own home in Indonesia.  Private villas open up to a path down the cliffs to the breaks at Ekas. In addition to tips on the best breaks in the area, Ekas sunrise offers volcano excursions, kitesurfing courses, and fishing/ snorkelling on nearby beaches and lagoons. All around great spot to stay!


Mid Price Range – Ekas Fantastic

Ekas fantastic is notably clean, modern, and beautiful.  Woven to the local surf spots and cliffs by a spider web of interlocking trails, Ekas Fantastic is the closest surf accommodation you’ll find in the area of Inside Ekas. Equipped with three private villas restaurant/cafe and pool, you won’t need to spend time anywhere else.  Not exactly the spot for a party scene, but you can expect to enjoy peace, quiet, and surf.


Luxury Price Range – Heaven on The Planet

Heaven on The Planet is not hyperbole.  The peace, quiet, and comfort that you’ll experience at Heaven on The Planet are tough to express.  Walking distance from Ekas Inside, private clean bungalows and ocean views including views of the surf at Inside Ekas, what else could you ask for?  You’ll fork out a bit more for this surf accommodation but you’ll have the added perks of boat drivers (surf guides) and yoga instructors on staff. Great for couples and families looking for added privacy and an outstanding setting.  

Is there food nearby?

Each accommodation on this list has their own restaurant and chances are you’ll be able to purchase fish or vegetables from locals down by the water.  Best bet, plan on eating at your accommodation and catching a couple fish if you find the time.

What else is there to do in the area other than surfing?

Considering the natural beauty and wide array of general attractions in Lombok, there’s plenty to be explored.  Check out some of our ideas on what to do when you’re not haunting the line-up.

Kiteboarding at Kaliantan Beach – Kitesurfing is still a relatively new sport with 10-15 years of exploration under its belt.  Today you can find opportunities to kiteboard just about anywhere you find wind and water together.  Kaliantan Beach is a typically windy stretch of white sand beach bordered by crystal clear blue water.  Instructors can introduce you to your first session of kiteboarding or they can help you hone your craft so you’ll be having tow-in-like rides at local spots when it’s offshore.  

Glamping at Jeeva Resort – The only reason Jeeva Resort isn’t listed as one of our accommodation options is because it’s an experience all unto itself.  The opposite side of the island from Ekas, you’ll have a chance to explore some of the other surf breaks in the area. One of the big selling points for Jeeva Resort is the accommodation itself.  Located directly on the beach near Pantai Klui, Jeeva Resort offers bamboo and thatch A-frame cottages open to the elements. You’ll pass out to the sound of waves lapping up on the shore and gaze over the stars each evening.  Great for a private or romantic getaway while exploring what Lombok has to offer.

What else do I need to know?

Visit Pink Beach – Pink Beach is aptly named for the coral sand that washes up and is slowly ground to bits along the shoreline in the south-east corner of Lombok.  If you’ve already made the trek around Awang bay to Ekas, it’s definitely worth exploring a few destinations before making your way back around. Another short road trip away, Pink Beach is a great place for stocking up on Instagram shots.  


Where is Ekas?

Ekas is located in the far southeast of Lombok in Awang Bay.

How to get around?

Get yourself a scooter!

Is there parking fees?

There are no parking fees anywhere in Ekas Bay.

How to get to Ekas?

Step 1: From the Lombok International Airport the quickest way to Ekas is to head southeast on LOP Service Road for 4 km

Step 2: Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Jalan Raya Batunyala and drive 4.1 km.

Step 3: Turn right onto Jalan Raya Praya – Mujur and drive 6.3 km, continue onto Jalan Raya Sengkerang for 8.5 km.

Step 4: Then continue onto Jl. Raya Keruak for 4.8 km and turn right onto Jalan TGH Moh. Mutawalli and drive 3.5 km.

Step 5: Turn right onto Jalan Jor – Tutuk and drive 1.5 km until Jalan Jor – Tutuk turns left and becomes Jl. Tutuk – Serumbung.

Step 6: In 2.5 km continue onto Jl. Serumbung and follow signs for Ekas.