The Surfers First Aid Kit

Sick of first aid kits that don’t step up to the mark?

Surf Indonesia has created the ultimate surfers first aid kit to provide you with the essential tools you need for basic first aid and cutting out the fillers you don’t. Tried and tested by surfers to meet the needs of surfing, not only in Indonesia but around the world, so you don’t get stuck with a stock standard first aid kit that doesn’t provide you with much useful or worse, nothing at all!

Clean Wounds Thoroughly

The first step in treating a reef cut or any cut is also the most important, any reef related wound no matter how small has to be thoroughly cleaned removing any foreign debris that will cause infection. The soft sterile wound cleaning sponge, irrigation syringe and saline solution enable you to clean the wound thoroughly to ensure any coral dust and spores are removed decreasing the likelihood of infection and delays in the healing process.


Remove Foreign Debris Easily With High Precision Tweezers

When you are treating wounds yourself you need all the help you can get. High precision tweezers make removing foreign debris, remains of reef and coral dust from your wound a lot easier and less painful. 

Heal Reef Cuts Faster With Hemostatic Gauze

This revolutionary cellulose-based material accelerates the blood clotting process and is a must-have item in every surfing first aid kit. When the gauze contacts with blood it quickly transforms into a stiff gel, which fills wound voids, seals capillary ends and activates the clotting system saving you days or weeks of recovery time.


Prevent Infection Without Using Damaging Antiseptics

Triple antibiotic ointment is an effective formula that contains three active antibiotic ingredients to help stop the growth of bacteria and reduce pain and inflammation. While commonly used antiseptics such as lime, hydrogen peroxide, iodine or rubbing alcohol into the wound does work to kill bacteria they can also damage the tissue, irritate the wound and delay the healing process. 

Cover Wounds Effectively

The Adhesive Stretch Dressing is a wide area adhesive dressing that is especially suitable for use on frequently mobile and highly contoured parts of the body where most reef cuts occur. It provides a bacterial barrier that is permeable to air and water vapour with an excellent long term skin/wound friendly adhesion. It can be applied directly over the top of the wound, with or without gauze and minimises any disturbances of blood circulation to speed up the healing process of reef cuts.


Remove Sea Urchin Spines Quick & Easy

Sea urchin spines have a tendency to wander into the worst parts of the body (your feet 99% of time), regardless of how well you protect yourself. With a purpose built splinter probe you can easily remove spines as soon as possible.


Have you found yourself hobbling around in search of a first aid kit?


There’s nothing more frustrating! Not being prepared only makes an injury worse, the recovery process much longer and more complicated. 

Unfortunately, most surfers aren’t prepared to treat themselves with basic first aid. 

Reef cuts and infections are a big deal…reefs contain unusually nasty bacteria and toxins. Foreign debris and coral spores embed themselves in the skin and tissue, acting as a source of infection, increasing pain, inflammation and prevent your wound from healing. 

Reef cuts, in particular, are difficult wounds to heal, even the smallest, harmless-appearing cut or rash has a high chance of developing into a serious infection if not treated properly. Not having a first aid kit on hand can place you at serious risk.

Surf assured that you are prepared with The Surfers First Aid Kit.


Reassuring to know I have something decent on hand for basic first aid.

Name: Tom Heenan


Reassuring to know I have something decent on hand for basic first aid.

I have put myself in the predicament of travelling without a first aid kit on surf trips in the past and I can tell you first hand there is nothing worse than hitting the reef and then having to track down a first aid kit. Big fan of the adhesive stretch dressing as it stays on even after getting back in the water. Be prepared and get yourself one of these kits before your next surf mission.

Tom Heenan

EPIC Surf first aid kit! Wouldn't travel without one now!

Name: Bridget Paddon


EPIC Surf first aid kit! Wouldn't travel without one now!

Bought this not sure if I would use it much but wanted to have all bases covered. Used it more than 5 times while tripping around Bali with a few reef scrapes. Absolutely worth the investment, jam packed with the essentials and more. Highly recommend carrying one in your board bag wherever you go, I will be from now on!

Bridget Paddon

The hemostatic gauze is an absolute game changer!

Name: Phillip Ballantyne


The hemostatic gauze is an absolute game changer!

Great first aid kit for treating reef cuts. The hemostatic gauze works wonders on kickstarting the blood clotting process and the splinter probe makes life a hell of a lot easier when removing sea urchin spines. All in all this first aid kit is full of items you will end up using and is must-have for travelling to Indo.

Phillip Ballantyne


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Surf assured that you are prepared with The Surfers First Aid Kit.