Surfing: The Hidden Passion of Premier League Footballers

When we think of Premier League footballers, our first thoughts are of them dribbling the ball down the pitch, shooting for glory – saving important goals; they are footballers. However, they are often sportsmen as well as just footballers – and many have sporty interests outside of the beautiful game. One such sporting passion that might come as a surprise is surfing.  When you’re scouring the English Premier League odds today – you may be surprised by the number of names that enjoy water sports almost as much as the football pitch.

While the British Isles may not be known for its world-class surf (although Cornwall and Devon certainly have a few tasty beaches to enjoy), there are a number of Premier League players who have been drawn by the call of the waves. So, let’s dive into the world of footballers who enjoy riding the surf.

Eric Cantona: The King of Surf and Football

Eric Cantona, the enigmatic and legendary French football legend – and the star of Manchester United during the 1990s, is not only famous for his goals and his kung-fu kicks, but also for his love of surfing. 

His passion for the waves has led him to explore various surfing hot spots all over the world – from Hawaii to his native Marseille. 

Adam Lallana: From the Pitch to the Surfboard

Former Liverpool midfielder and current Brighton and Hove player,  Adam Lallana, has taken his skills from the football pitch to the ocean. For years, his passion for surfing has been well-known among his teammates and his fans. 

When he’s not helping his team so try and get those all-important three points, he can be usually found chasing waves at surf destinations like Newquay – which is probably why he bought a home there! 

Ollie Watkins: A Goal Scorer and a Waver Rider

Ollie Watkins – considered to be a bit of a star in Aston Villa, isn’t just about scoring goals on the football field. When he’s not busy trying to score for his team, he also loves to catch the waves. 

Born in the coastal town of Torbay, it comes as no surprise that he has developed a love for the sea. If you are a fan that follows him on social media, then you may already be well aware of his surfing adventures, which he shares updates of regularly.

Joshua King: Surfing The Norwegian Waves

Joshua King, the Norwegian striker who has played for English Premier League clubs including Bournemouth and Everton, is another player who finds solace on the waves. 

The Norwegian footballer has enjoyed surfing not only in his homeland  – but in countries far and wide. When he’s showing off his footballing prowess, he can often be found carving his way through the water on his board.

Kepa Arrizabalaga: A Goalkeeper and Surfer

Kepa Arrizabalaga, famous for being Chelsea’s talented (and very expensive) goalkeeper, may not be your typical surfer, but that doesn’t stop him from being passionate about riding the waves. 

The Spanish shot-stopper has been seen by his fans catching waves when he is spending time off the football pitch. His enthusiasm for surfing is a reminder that footballers, no matter their position, sometimes like to dip their toes into other pastimes.

Andy Carroll: Waves and Headers

He may have had some sketchy times on the pitch – with ailments and injuries hampering his performances, but he’s certainly at full throttle when he’s in the water. Andy Carroll, the towering striker who has famously played for clubs including Newcastle United and West Ham, is famous for heading the ball into the back of the net. However, he also enjoys the highs of riding waves on a surfboard. He certainly has the hair for it!

These footballers definitely serve as a reminder that the Premier League is not just about goals and victories but about real people who have lives and passions outside of their Premier League clubs. Surfing, offering the freedom of the open sea, is a hobby that gives them the chance to relax and rejuvenate and get themselves mentally and physically ready for what’s to come – on and off the pitch.


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