Really good to understand the best wind and swell directions for the lesser known spots. Looking forward to visiting some new breaks!

Deow Owen

Very informative. Would highly recommend this to anyone heading to Indo for a surf trip.

Mick Lammers

Goldmines waiting to be discovered. Epic mountain of knowledge that can be used for surfers of all levels. Heaps of info about the waves and life in each place. A great way to plan an amazing trip, to find new ideas and areas to travel to. Sick photos!


Game changing. Saved me hours of time scrolling through endless google pages. Including answers to questions, I hadn’t even asked yet.

Dan Pryde

Epic Guide to Indo. Perfect for working out where you should be going too before you paddle out and realise it’s a lot more than you can handle. The travel info is a huge help to find airports unheard of by regular travel agents.