Roxie's Right Surf Spot

The break at Roxie’s Right is renowned as a fun wave by those that know it.

Situated at the top of the point in a small secluded bay in the less traveled Southern area of Mentawai island. Roxie’s is a prime wave to get away from the more deadly waves that you’ll find in the area. Read on to discover how to score the best session at Roxie’s Right.





What kind of wave is Roxie's Right?

Roxie’s Right is a rippable reef break enjoyed by all surfers. You’ll find yourself laying serious rail as you cut back on the wide-open face into the lip as the end section of the wave bends around. Or throw some air when timing the ramp section. With size, the wave produces softer almond-shaped barrels off the drop compared to the heavier barrels you find throughout the Mentawai’s. Although the bigger it gets the more it turns into a heavy ledge. All in all the wave is great for performance surfing and provides any type of surfer with a whole lot of fun depending on the conditions.

Wave type:
  • Roxie’s Right: Reef Break,Point Break

Wave difficulty:
  • Roxie’s Right: Intermediate,Experienced

Wave direction:
  • Roxie’s Right: Right

Wave bottom:
  • Roxie’s Right: Reef


Roxie’s Right: No

Surfboard type:

Roxie’s Right: Any

Crowd factor:
  • Roxie’s Right: Empty,Low Crowd,Medium Crowd


Roxie’s Right: Can get heavy with size

Best swell direction:

Roxie’s Right: W-SW

Best wind direction:

Roxie’s Right: ENE

What tide is best:

Roxie’s Right: Lower

Best tide movement:

Roxie’s Right: Incoming

Wave consistency:

Roxie’s Right: Consistent

Best time of year:

Roxie’s Right: April – October 

Lineup vibe:

Roxie’s Right: Chill

Other names for spot:

Roxie’s Right: Roxy’s, Coldsprings

How do you get in and out of the surf at Roxie’s?

You can paddle out through the keyhole in the reef at the very end of the wave. Or paddle out from the beach at the start of the point, avoiding the reef completely.

Regardless of your experience, reef-related injuries are not a matter of if, but when. Reef cuts and infections are a big deal…They require immediate attention to avoid countless health problems.

What is the beach like?

The beach is a beautiful white sand beach that meets lush green vegetation and jungle in some spots.

Where should I stay?

Roxies Surfcamp

Hidden off the radar in the southern region of the Mentawai Islands you’ll find Roxies Surfcamp with a super fun wave also known as Roxies just minute’s walk from the camp. The wave is a rippable right-hander that is enjoyed by all surfers. With some size, the wave produces softer almond-shaped barrels compared to the heavier barrels you find throughout the Mentawai’s.

Roxie’s is a very affordable option in the Mentawai’s, providing solitude in beautiful surroundings, beachfront with views over the ocean and bay. They’ve also got plenty of daily activities available if you’re ever looking for something to do in between surfs.


What else do I need to know?

Roxie’s Surfcamp plans trips to other waves in the area depending on conditions and on guest requests. So you have plenty of options depending on your ability!

Roxie’s is also known as Coldsprings due to the fact that there is a freshwater spring that runs off the shore into the lineup. This also means that the temperature of the water can be a little fresher than the ocean temperature at times.

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What else is there to do in the area other than surfing?

Chill in between surfs, otherwise the area provides great fishing and snorkeling which can be arranged through Roxie’s Surfcamp for an additional price. Roxie’s Surfcamp can alsp arrange massages for guests as well. There is a local village where you can mingle with the locals and also take part in local cooking classes. There is even a waterfall nearby too.




Where is Roxie’s Right?

You’ll find Roxie’s located on the Western coastline in a small bay in the Malakopa area of South Pagai, Mentawai Islands. 

How to get there?

The best way to get to and access Roxie’s is to stay at Roxie’s Surfcamp who can help you organise your journey there as well.