Macaronis a.k.a Macas is undoubtedly one of the best high-performance waves on the planet. Situated in Pasongan Bay on the western side of North Pagai in the southern region of the Mentawai Islands this super mechanical left-hand reef break offers a bit of extra gnar for experienced surfers. The long trip across the globe to the remote area of the Southern Mentawais is worth it for just one pumping session at Macas. This unique corner of the Mentawais is also home to several other waves which provide surf for all abilities. Find out how to surf Macaronis and much more below.



What kind of wave is Macaronis?

Experienced surfers travel from all across the globe to get barreled, throw airs, or rip up the face of Macaronis near-perfect left. Reminiscent of the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch, Macaronis breaks predictably and consistently over a less threatening section of reef than other death-defying waves in the area. Not only a goofy footer’s dream but favoured by natural footers too, expect a solid barrel section followed by a clean and open inside shoulder ripe for maneuvers. It’s easy to find yourself too deep in the barrel when below head high and don’t expect to paddle out in a hurry at double-overhead as the take-off becomes extremely ledgy and heavy (except for onshore conditions which round-out the tube section). Caught inside? Be prepared to wait out the set in the foam over a few inches of water above seriously razor-sharp coral. If it is a bit overhead with Southwest swell and East wind then leg it for Macaronis. Great fun for charging and highly experienced and advanced surfers.

What kind of wave is Macaronis Right?

Macaronis Right is the less well-known brother to Macaronis illustrious fame and needs a particular set of conditions to be at it’s best. A combination of northerly wind, solid south swell and a mid to high tide may bring the most often surfed outside section of Macaronis Right to life. While the inside section is surfed on the highest tides only due to it being super hollow and shallow. Often, ideal conditions at Macaronis Right coincides with near-perfect conditions at Macaronis located just across the bay, leaving this right-hander uncrowded for the surfer looking for some solitude. While not exactly a wave machine of Macaronis calibre, it is still worth the time to paddle out, especially in an empty line-up.

What kind of wave is Mini Macaronis?

Mini Macaronis is frequented by intermediate surfers who haven’t entirely built the skill set to brave the sharper, steeper, and faster lefts of Macaronis. Located inside of Macaronis, Mini Macas is a predictable left-hand peak with a clean open face that breaks best on high tide. It needs a bit of extra swell to break due to it being situated further inside the bay and typically breaks best under the same conditions as Macaronis which can be seen breaking further up the reef. All in all, an excellent option for surfers who aren’t quite at the level required to surf the surrounding waves.

What kind of wave is Fish Fingers?

Fish Fingers is a sand bottom beginner’s wave in the Macaronis area of North Pagai. This soft peak breaks right with the occasional left and is utilised by learner surfers on soft-tops from Macaronis Resort. Fish Fingers is conveniently located across the channel from the Macaronis Resort where the resort’s boats commute in and out to the surf.

    • Wave type:

      Macaronis: Reef break
      Macaronis Right: Reef break
      Mini Macaronis: Reef break
      Fish Fingers: Beach break

    • Wave difficulty:

      Macaronis: Experienced
      Macaronis Right: Intermediate
      Mini Macaronis: Intermediate
      Fish Fingers: Beginner

    • What way does the wave break:

      Macaronis: Left
      Macaronis Right: Right
      Mini Macaronis: Left
      Fish Fingers: Left and right

    • Sea bottom:

      Macaronis: Live coral
      Macaronis Right: Live coral
      Mini Macaronis: Live coral
      Fish Fingers: Sand


  • Booties:

    Macaronis: Recommended
    Macaronis Right: Recommended
    Mini Macaronis: Personal preference
    Fish Fingers: No

  • Surfboard type:

    Macaronis: Shortboard to step-up
    Macaronis Right: Shortboard to step-up
    Mini Macaronis: Shortboard
    Fish Fingers: Longboard

  • Crowd factor:

    Macaronis: Medium crowds
    Macaronis Right: Empty
    Mini Macaronis: Low crowds
    Fish Fingers: Empty

  • Hazards:

    Macaronis: Heavy when big, shallow and razor-sharp coral on the inside.
    Macaronis Right: Super shallow, long and hollow sections.
    Mini Macaronis: None
    Fish Fingers: None

    • Best swell direction:

      Macaronis: SW
      Macaronis Right: S
      Mini Macaronis: SW
      Fish Fingers: Any

    • Best wind direction:

      Macaronis: E
      Macaronis Right: N
      Mini Macaronis: E
      Fish Fingers: N

    • What tide does it work best on:

      Macaronis: All tides
      Macaronis Right: High
      Mini Macaronis: High
      Fish Fingers: Any

    • Best tide movement for surfing:

      Macaronis: Rising
      Macaronis Right: Rising
      Mini Macaronis: Rising
      Fish Fingers: Any


  • How consistent is the surf:

    Macaronis: Consistent
    Macaronis Right: Consistent
    Mini Macaronis: Semi-consistent
    Fish Fingers: Consistent

  • Best time of year for waves:

    Macaronis: Year-round
    Macaronis Right: Year-round
    Mini Macaronis: April – October
    Fish Fingers: April – October

  • What is the vibe like in the lineup:

    Macaronis: Can get hectic
    Macaronis Right: Low key
    Mini Macaronis: Low key
    Fish Fingers: Super fun

  • What other names do the waves go by?

    Macaronis: Macas
    Macaronis Right: Macas Right, KFC’s
    Mini Macaronis: Mini Macas

How do you get in and out of the surf?

The real perk of Macaronis is the predictability. With changing swell, you can expect slight differences, but the channel always seems to stay the same as you make your way into the lineup. Macaronis and the surrounding surf breaks are accessible only by boat with Macaronis being a short boat ride of approximately 800 metres from Macaronis Resort. There are two anchorages available in the bay for two surf charter boats per day which are booked in advance according to the regulation put in place by the Mentawai Government in 2009.


Where is Macaronis surf spot?

On the western side of North Pagai in the southern region of the Mentawai Islands, Macaronis surf spot is found on the outer edge of Pasongan Bay opposite Siniai Island where Macaronis Resort is located.