Lance’s Right Surf Spot

Known locally as HT’s (Hollow Trees) or Lance’s Right. It’s one of the best waves you’ll find around the world.

A common surfer magazine cover, or more-likely centrefold, Lance’s Right is likely to impress even the most well-travelled surfers. Read on to learn more about what makes Lance’s Right an iconic surf spot and when to catch it at its best.

Lance’s Right

Lance’s Left


Beach Break


What kind of wave is Lance’s Right?

Lance’s Right is THE world-class break of this part of the world. The Office is the farthest section of the reef which offers a quick drop and deep barrel for expert surfers. The Main Peak, which follows The Office, is an open wall which shoots surfers over the shallow inside section known as Surgeons Table. If you’re looking to work your way through maneuvers towards the Surgeons Table, you’ll need to wait out a decent sized swell (6-8 feet). Otherwise, you can expect each section to break separately with a small channel between each break.
Wave type:
  • Lance’s Right: Reef Break

Wave difficulty:
  • Lance’s Right: Experienced

Wave direction:
  • Lance’s Right: Right

Wave bottom:
  • Lance’s Right: Reef


Lance’s Right: Personal preference

Surfboard type:

Lance’s Right: Sharp pin-tail shortboard to step up

Crowd factor:
  • Lance’s Right: Crowded


Lance’s Right: Shallow/exposed sections of reef, crowds, and duck-diving over shallow reef

Best swell direction:

Lance’s Right: SSW

Best wind direction:

Lance’s Right: West but handles all winds

What tide is best:

Lance’s Right: Mid to high tide

Best tide movement:

Lance’s Right: Rising

Wave consistency:

Lance’s Right: Consistent

Best time of year:

Lance’s Right: April – November

Lineup vibe:

Lance’s Right: Can be intense especially under near-perfect conditions

Other names for spot:

Lance’s Right: The Office, Main Peak, Surgeons Table, Hollow Trees and HT’s

Paddling out at Lance’s Right

Lance’s Right is easily accessible via the southwestern side of Sipura Island. Hollow Tree resort and Ombak Losmen’s are located just steps from the beach at Lance’s Right. This isn’t to say that the paddle is the best course of access. Still easily accessible by boat from all over the Mentawais and you can save your arms for catching waves.

Regardless of your experience, reef-related injuries are not a matter of if, but when. Reef cuts and infections are a big deal…They require immediate attention to avoid countless health problems.

What is the beach like?

The beach and bay at Lance’s Right is enclosed by beautiful palm trees and powder-soft sand which disappear into blue waters.

Where should I stay?

Hollow Tree’s Resort

HT’s Resort is an amazing beachfront all-inclusive resort right in front of world-class Lance’s Right (HT’s) surf break. The resort has four beautiful villas scattered along Katiet Beach. Each villa has two separate rooms (two people per room) sharing one bathroom. With double and single beds available for guests. Interior features are made from either recycled wood or natural materials with white walls and ceilings which give the rooms an airy feel. While the windows allow natural light to flood into the living spaces. Hot water showers and air-conditioning are guaranteed in each of the rooms for your ultimate pleasure. Every villa has its own pool, so you can take the plunge and sunbathe in privacy. The food is all time too! They also have a large luxury villa that can accommodate up to eight people known as Villa Onu. This villa comes with a cinema room, massage room, dining room, kitchen, and private pool. Each of the four bedrooms has double-ensuite bathrooms.

Lances Surf Camp Katiet

Lances Surf Camp Katiet is a great budget beachfront option for surfers looking for a good deal and immediate access to the surf. The accommodation has a restaurant, bar, shared lounge and terrace for chilling out. Rooms are basic with private bathrooms, fan and small patios. You can book ahead through various channels on their Facebook page in the link above.

It is also helpful to know that there are now a number of cheap losmen (guesthouses) located beachfront at Lance’s Right. Providing you with a range of cheaper accommodation options if you are looking to go the budget route without the luxuries of surf travel. Although they have very little online presence so you might find it difficult booking ahead of time.


Where did the name Lance’s Right and HT’s come from?

Lance Right’s and Lance’s Left was named by Martin Daly of the Indies Trader after he found Lance surfing there on the 12th of March 1991.

According to local Pak Hussein, Lance was the first person to surf those waves as no one in the village had ever seen anyone surf the waves at Katiet. If you’d like to find out more about Lance Knight, check out his Instagram page here.

Not long after a dead tree was lodged on the point and the surf break was later renamed by a losmen owner to ‘Hollow Tree’s’ abbreviated ‘HT’s’. The huge hollow tree used to stand tall on the reef until one day a big swell tore it down.

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What else is there to do in the area other than surfing?

HT’s Resort can host a range of professional activities outside of surfing which come at an additional cost.

Yin, Hatha or Vinyasa Flow classes.

Half or full day fishing trips with a range of fishing methods to suit anyone. From GT lure casting to micro jigging they have you covered and can provide the fishing gear at an additional cost.

HT’s Resort has a large menu of massages, skin treatments and body maintenance. The pressure point from the deep tissue massage is ideal to relax muscles and help you recover from long sessions in the surf.

There are also plenty of activities that don’t cost extra.

Go on a hiking adventure and experience hidden waterfalls, dense rainforest, and lush green rice fields.

Snorkeling, Kayaking or Stand Up Paddling
Get on and navigate the waters in between swells or simply to explore different coastline. This area of ocean is home to various species of marine life, such as the Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish just like the fish from Finding Nemo.

Katiet beach and the surrounding area is a corner of the Ments you’ll be more than happy to extend your stay in.


Where is Lance’s Right surf spot?

Lance’s Right is located on the southeastern edge of Sipura Island. You’ll have to head far to the south and curve back northeast to access this solitary and salivation inducing wave.

How to get to Lance’s Right?
Option 1 
Ferry to Tuapejat or Sioban (note that the ferry goes to Sioban from Padang on Sundays).
For surfers: $350 USD per person roundtrip / Non-surfers: $250 USD per person roundtrip.
This is recommended for solo travelers, couples or a couple of friends. If you choose this option, you will need to arrive in Padang the night before the day of the ferry departure. Please view our “itinerary” for a clear detailed instruction. Once you arrive at the ferry terminal at Tuapejat or Sioban there will be a speedboat to deliver you to the resort.
Travel time from Padang to Tuapejat or Sioban is 3 hours 30 minutes.
Tuapejat to Resort 1 hour 30 minutes.
Sioban to Resort 45 mins to 1 hour.
Option 2 
Private speedboat service straight to the resort ($4,000 USD – roundtrip).
This option can be arranged for big groups (5 – 12 people). This is the most convenient option and can be arranged to suit any connecting flight schedules to/from Padang – arriving in Padang before midday.
* The transfers might be rescheduled depending on the weather conditions.