Kandui Left also known as Karangmajat Left, was first called ” No Kandui” because of the difficulty and heaviness of that stretch of reef, is one of the most dangerous waves in Indonesia, no exaggerations it is fast, hollow, shallow and heavy all rolled into one. Kandui Left isn’t one of those waves you can roll into and fluke the wave of your life. It is a high-speed technical drop and then deceivingly fast freight train of a wave all the way to the end of the reef where a lot of sets close out in an epic fashion. If you’re an advanced surfer or lucky enough to make it to the west bowl cross your fingers you end up in the channel without any broken bones or gaping wounds!




What kind of wave is Kandui Left?

Kandui is one of many world-class breaks in the area. This break offers long, deep, and steep barrels which break over a seemingly endless section of reef fringing Karangmajat island. Breathtaking perfection, Kandui breaks into a spherical hollow barrel worthy of Rick Griffin’s psychedelic surf art. This near perfect left brings surfers from all over the world to the Northern Mentawais. It can be tough to find the peak among the chaos of Kandui’s pure speed and hollow freight train nature. Don’t bother paddling out in anything less than head high as the reef is more than likely to draw some blood. Don’t expect many turns, the barrel is the real draw towards Kandui. That being said, anyone short of an advanced surfer should definitely steer clear of this break.

    • Wave type:

      Reef break.

    • Wave difficulty:

      Advanced upwards.

    • What way does the wave break:


    • Sea bottom:

      Live coral.


  • Booties:

    Not necessary.

  • Surfboard type:

    Sharp pin tail, minigun or gun.

  • Crowd factor:

    Can be crowded under ideal conditions.

  • Hazards:

    Hollow heavy waves, shallow reef, strong currents, freak sets and potential to be dragged over the reef on the inside.

    • Best swell direction:


    • Best wind direction:


    • What tide does it work best on:

      Mid to high tide.

    • Best tide movement for surfing:



  • How consistent is the surf:


  • Best time of year for waves:

    April – October.

  • What is the vibe like in the lineup:

    Chargers in the lineup.

  • What other names does Kandui Left go by?

    No Kandui, Kandui and Karangmajat Left.

Paddling out at Kandui Left:

Easily access by boat. If you’re willing to make the long walk north up the island from one of the surf camps, or you’re staying at the nearby Kandui Villas, you can paddle out from the channel. Stick to the channel well out to the peak and steer clear of shallower sections of reef.


Where is Kandui Left?

Kandui Left breaks on the northern tip of Pulau Karangmajat.

How to get to Kandui?

There are a few options for getting yourself to Karangmajat Island in the Playgrounds area of the Northern Mentawais, depending on where you are staying.

1. The cheapest and most common method is the Gambolo Ferry, which departs for a 10 hour (one way) voyage overnight from Padang on the western edge of the Sumatran coast across the Mentawai Strait to Siberut Island, the largest island in the Mentawai Regency. From Siberut Island your accommodation will pick you up in a small outrigger and take you the rest of the way (approximately 2 hours) to the outer islands (Bocek, Karangmajat, Masokut, or Siaim Island in the Playgrounds area off of Siberut. You’ll need to arrive in Padang before 3 pm for the 7 pm departure from the local harbour. The overnight ferry only runs from Padang to Siberut Island twice per week.

2. The other option is known as the “Fast” ferry which runs a 4-hour journey from Padang to Siberut Island on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 am and back to Siberut Island to Padang the same day at 3 pm. Don’t expect to hop off your transport or flight to Padang and jump on the fast ferry. You’ll need to arrive the day prior and plan on spending the night after the ride back. Ask your Mentawai’s accommodation for recommendations on where to crash.

3. Private fast boat from your surf accommodation. Most accommodations do not have access to a private fast boat but will help you line up your travel arrangements as outlined in the above options.

Tap the following link for more information on how to get to the Playgrounds area of the Mentawai Islands.