Ebay Surf Spot

Ebay is one of the Mentawai Islands surf spot gems. It is a mechanical left that barrels perfectly when overhead and above.

Nicknamed “Paradise Point” by early surf pioneers because of the landscapes natural beauty it has featured in some of Jack McCoy’s most well-known surf movies. At mid tide, Ebay will turn on providing multiple barrel sections and absolute perfection. On a fuller tide, Ebay turns into a super fun performance wave and low tide is super sketchy with more than one section of dry reef!

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What kind of wave is Ebay?

Ebay is an extremely fickle and high-risk wave that offers up a near perfect left-hand barrel to those brave and experienced enough to paddle out when it is breaking with some size. You can expect an air-drop-in and a long hollow barrel to the channel. On low tides, expect the occasional exposed section of dry reef, hopefully not as you’re kicking out. At high tide, steer clear of the two big rocks at the end of the barrel section. While waiting for the next set, be sure to keep the current from pushing you into the coral shelf. If you’re a beginner, Ebay isn’t the wave for you. If you’re a ten-year veteran and you’re in for a wild ride, Ebay might be your spot.
Wave type:
  • Ebay: Reef Break

Wave difficulty:
  • Ebay: Experienced

Wave direction:
  • Ebay: Left

Wave bottom:
  • Ebay: Reef


Ebay: Personal preference

Surfboard type:

Ebay: Pintail shortboard

Crowd factor:
  • Ebay: Crowded


Ebay: Tight take off, exposed rock and reef on the inside, steep hollow waves and strong currents

Best swell direction:

Ebay: W

Best wind direction:

Ebay: E

What tide is best:

Ebay: Mid tide

Best tide movement:

Ebay: Incoming

Wave consistency:

Ebay: Inconsistent

Best time of year:

Ebay: April – September

Lineup vibe:

Ebay: Can get intense

Other names for spot:

Ebay: Emerald Bay or Paradise Point

Paddling out at Ebay

You can easily access Ebay from the cove straight out from Sabbit Mentawais and Beng Beng’s surf camp and head south to the peak.

Regardless of your experience, reef-related injuries are not a matter of if, but when. Reef cuts and infections are a big deal…They require immediate attention to avoid countless health problems.

What is the beach like?

The beach at Ebay is situated in a sheltered bay and where calm waters meet white sand beach to provide a true tropical paradise setting. Hence the nickname ‘Paradise Point’ which Ebay is also known for.

Where can I stay?

Masokut Surf Camp Siberut
Masokut Surf Camp Siberut Mentawai

Traditional bungalows located right on the beach with views overlooking the surf at Ebay on Masokut Island. The best budget surf camp option in close proximity to Ebay. The camp is basic but has all the necessities needed. There is a variation of shared rooms with mostly bunk-style beds. Meals are included but are very basic. If you’re a big eater we recommend that you take plenty of snacks with you! All-inclusive packages which include transport (ferry and boat) to and from the surf camp from Padang, Sumatra.


Ebay Guest House Mentawai

Do you want to surf some of the best waves in the world without paying thousands of dollars? Ebay Guest House is locally owned and provides you with an affordable Mentawai surf trip in an authentic Mentawai atmosphere. Located in a central location with Ebay and Pitstops just a few minutes walk away. They also provide a speedboat to surf other spots daily such as Kandui, Rifles, Hideaways, Burgerworld, A-frames, 4 Bobs, Pistols and Karambat. The affordable way to surf the Ments.

Beng Bengs Surf Camp

Beng Bengs Surf Camp is located on the beachfront in between the surf spots Ebay and Beng Bengs. Ebay is about 100 metres away and Beng Bengs at least a 10 minute walk from the camp or 2 minutes by boat. The 170 square metre guest house is a beautiful traditional Mentawai building built by local craftsmen and has four bedrooms which caters for a maximum of 12 people. All rooms are equipped with air conditioners, fan, mosquito nets, power points and linen. There are two western style bathrooms, one with hot water. All in all Beng Bengs surf camp is a comfortable and convenient place to stay.

Surf Camp Siberut

Surf Camp Siberut manages eight traditionally built budget surf camps on Masokut Island (also known as Nyang Nyang Island). Most accommodate a maximum of 10 guests or less with shared bedrooms and bathroom. Seven of the camps are approx a 5-minute walk to Ebay.
– Nyang Nyang Surf Camp
– Sabbit Surf Camp Mentawai
– Bintang Surf Camp Mentawai
– Hiber Surf Camp Mentawai
– Bagus Surf Camp
– Homestay Ebay Surf Camp
While Luluni Mentawai Surf Home is located in front of Beng Bengs surf spot. Surf Camp Siberut enables you to access the Playgrounds area at a cheaper rate but with fewer luxuries provided by other camps in the area. Essential tip; Pack plenty of snacks to last your entire stay. The three daily meals included don’t satisfy your hunger.


What else do I need to know?

Be sure to check that your accommodation booking includes two daily surfing boat trips.  You don’t want to be landlocked in the Mentawais.  If it’s an extra cost, add it on, so you can venture further than Ebay, Pitstops or Beng Bengs to surf during your trip.

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What else is there to do in the area other than surfing?

Kick back and relax. Recharge the shoulders for your next session of surf.

If you do have some energy to burn in between surfs there are some beautiful trails that cross the island and you can always do a little fishing or snorkeling too.


Where is Ebay surf spot?

Ebay and it’s smaller neighbour Pitstops are located a stone’s throw from several local surf camps on the Western edge of Masokut Island.

How to get to Ebay?

To surf Ebay you need first to get yourself to Padang in Sumatra and then on to the Mentawai Islands. For specific information on how to get to the Mentawai Islands check out our FAQ section on the Mentawai Islands Surf Spots page.