Ebay is one of the Mentawai Islands surf spot gems. It is a mechanical left that barrels perfectly when overhead and above. Nicknamed “Paradise Point” by early surf pioneers because of the landscapes natural beauty it has featured in some of Jack McCoy’s most well-known surf movies. At mid tide, Ebay will turn on providing multiple barrel sections and absolute perfection. On a fuller tide, Ebay turns into a super fun performance wave and low tide is super sketchy with more than one section of dry reef!




What kind of wave is Ebay?

Ebay is an extremely fickle and high-risk wave that offers up a near perfect left-hand barrel to those brave and experienced enough to paddle out when it is breaking with some size. You can expect an air-drop-in and a long hollow barrel to the channel. On low tides, expect the occasional exposed section of dry reef, hopefully not as you’re kicking out. At high tide, steer clear of the two big rocks at the end of the barrel section. While waiting for the next set, be sure to keep the current from pushing you into the coral shelf. If you’re a beginner, Ebay isn’t the wave for you. If you’re a ten-year veteran and you’re in for a wild ride, Ebay might be your spot.

    • Wave type:

      Reef break.

    • Wave difficulty:

      Experienced upwards.

    • What way does the wave break:


    • Sea bottom:

      Live coral.


  • Booties:

    Personal preference.

  • Surfboard type:

    Pintail shortboard.

  • Crowd factor:

    Expect some crowds under ideal conditions.

  • Hazards:

    Tight take off, exposed rock and reef on the inside, steep hollow waves and strong currents.

    • Best swell direction for Ebay:


    • Best wind direction for Ebay:


    • What tide does Ebay work best on:

      Mid tide.

    • Best tide movement for surfing:



  • How consistent is Ebay:


  • Best time of year for waves:

    April – September.

  • What is the vibe like in the lineup:

    Can get intense.

  • What other names does Ebay go by?

    Emerald Bay or Paradise Point.

Paddling out at Ebay:

You can easily access Ebay from the cove straight out from Sabbit Mentawais and Beng Beng’s surf camp and head south to the peak.


Where is Ebay surf spot?

Ebay and it’s smaller neighbour Pitstops are located a stone’s throw from several local surf camps on the Western edge of Masokut Island.

How to get to Ebay?

To surf Ebay you need first to get yourself to Padang in Sumatra and then on to the Mentawai Islands. For more information, tap the link on how to get to the Mentawai Islands.