Bank Vaults in the Mentawai Islands is a powerful right-hand reef break that works at almost any size and is very rarely flat. The quick rise in the reef from the open ocean produces a thick lip that pitches quick and heavy. The surf here is often solid and sets easily catch you out of position unexpectedly all to frequently so be sure to bring more than one spare surfboard with a bit of volume.




What kind of wave is Bank Vaults?

Bank Vaults is aptly named for its high-risk, high-reward nature. Expect a steep and hollow take-off over a section of exposed live coral reef. Bank Vaults is not recommended for beginners or intermediates. Ideal conditions are well overhead and glassy. If you make the drop, you’re in for a deep hollow barrel, fast wave, and steep shoulder regardless of tide.

    • Wave type:

      Reef break.

    • Wave difficulty:

      Experienced upwards.

    • What way does the wave break:


    • Sea bottom:

      Live coral.


  • Booties:

    Not necessary.

  • Surfboard type:

    Shortboard to minigun.

  • Crowd factor:

    Rare crowds.

  • Hazards:

    Big waves, hollow barrels and strong currents.

    • Best swell direction:


    • Best wind direction:


    • What tide does it work best on:

      All tides.

    • Best tide movement for surfing:



  • How consistent is the surf:

    Super consistent.

  • Best time of year for waves:

    March – October.

  • What is the vibe like in the lineup:

    Can be intense when it gets gnarly.

  • What other names does Bank Vaults go by?


Paddling out at Bank Vaults:

Bank Vaults consistently attracts a tonne of swell and therefore regularly has very heavy surf and a shifting peak. Be sure to watch more than a few sets before venturing out as you may be fooled into thinking it’s perfect from afar. Don’t take this break lightly as surfing Bank Vaults will be trickier than you think at first glance. Stick wide in the channel on the paddle back outside and if its double-overhead plus (ideal conditions for Bank Vaults) don’t expect much help. 


Where is Bank Vaults surf spot?

Bank Vaults surf spot is located on the very southern tip of Pulau Masokut (Masokut Island) and is extremely open to all swells from the South to the West.

How to get to Bank Vaults?

While you could perceivably take the hike to the southern tip of Masokut Island if you are staying on one of the land-based surf camps on that side of the island, the ideal way to access Bank Vaults is by boat from your land-based surf camp or surf charter if you are staying on the water.