Considering the abundance of beautiful white sand beaches and secluded bays with a tropical backdrop on Lombok, Senggigi has a tendency to be more of a stopover than a destination.  That being said, if you’re passing through on a decent swell and the tide is right you might be in store for your fair share of good surf. Your best bet is a South or Southwest swell over shoulder high and you might find empty line-ups with long lefts and rights with various sections.  Read on to discover how to enjoy the best surfing conditions at Senggigi lefts and rights.



What kind of wave is Senggigi Left?

Depending on who you talk to, you’ll hear about the Senggigi lefts or Senggigi rights.  Either wave needs plenty of tide and a little extra push to clear the reef. Paddling out at low tide may leave you high and dry.  The left wraps around the point to an open bowl with a testy barrel section. Aptly named “baby deserts” on lower tides the reef sometimes finds a way to poke up through the barrel.  Surf schools have started to show up in the line-up but you can expect empty surf most days.

What kind of wave is Senggigi Right?

On a good day, the shoulder stays steep long and open ripe for maneuvers and an occasionally well-timed barrel.  Stays a bit smaller than other breaks in the vicinity under the biggest South and Southwest swells. North winds can line-up the sections and make for longer rides under ideal conditions.  The lip breaks thick and clean from the shoulder but stay well ahead of the shoulder on the inside as the reef dries out quickly after the steep drop-in. On the biggest swells, the drop opens up to a hollow barrel section.   

    • Wave type:

      Senggigi Left: Reef break

      Senggigi Right: Reef break

    • Wave difficulty:

      Senggigi Left: Intermediate 

      Senggigi Right: Intermediate

    • What way does the wave break:

      Senggigi Left: Left

      Senggigi Right: Right

    • Sea bottom:

      Senggigi Left: Live coral

      Senggigi Right: Live coral


  • Booties:

    Senggigi Left: Personal preference

    Senggigi Right: Personal preference

  • Surfboard type:


  • Crowd factor:

    Senggigi Left: Low crowds

    Senggigi Right: Low crowds

  • Hazards:

    Senggigi Left: Sharp shallow reef

    Senggigi Right: Sharp shallow reef

    • Best swell direction:

      Senggigi Left: SW

      Senggigi Right: SW

    • Best wind direction:

      Senggigi Left: E

      Senggigi Right: N

    • What tide does it work best on:

      Senggigi Left: Mid to high

      Senggigi Right: Mid to high

    • Best tide movement for surfing:

      Senggigi Left: Rising

      Senggigi Right: Rising


  • How consistent is the surf:

    Senggigi Left: Inconsistent

    Senggigi Right: Inconsistent

  • Best time of year for waves:

    March – October

  • What is the vibe like in the lineup:

    Senggigi Left: Mellow

    Senggigi Right: Mellow

  • What other names does Senggigi go by?

    Senggigi Left and Baby Deserts

    Senggigi Right

How do you get in and out of the surf?

Head south from the pier at Senggigi beach towards the point at Pantai Senggigi.  Unless you don’t mind walking and wading through the exposed reef, you can find the channel toward either shoulder of the point.  There is a small channel through the reef that feeds you into Senggigi Lefts but keep an eye out for exposed sections of reef.



What is the beach like?

The beaches in Senggigi are known for some of the most beautiful sunsets on Lombok.  A long stretch of white sand beach which offers up red sunsets that dip behind Mount Agung on Bali.  

Where should I stay?

There is a wide variety of places to stay as your passing through or crashing in Senggigi.  Read on to discover some of the best surf accommodation options in the area.


Cheapest Price Range – Mama Bella’s Retreat

Mamma Bella’s Retreat is a comfortable, quiet, and clean place to crash a brisk 15-minute walk from the point at Senggigi.  A steal for the level of luxury that you’ll experience in the area. Rooms are tile floor, thatch roof bungalows surrounding an open-air pool to rinse off after hours in the surf.  Great for groups, families, couples, and single surfers looking to score at Senggigi.


Affordable Price Range – Jo-Je Boutique and Bungalows

Jo-Je Boutique Bungalows are just a bit further off the point than Mama Bella’s Retreat at a 23-minute walk to the point.  Jo-Je’s offers a boutique resort experience without breaking the bank. While a ways from the surf, Jo-Joe Boutique and Bungalows is just steps from the ocean ripe for snorkelling, diving, or just a dip.  


Mid Price Range – Kila Senggigi Beach Lombok

Kila Senggigi Beach Lombok is a 5-star resort experience for less than half the price.  Private accommodation located beach-side directly at the point at Senggigi lefts and rights, you’ll be able to get quick access to Senggigi’s picky conditions.  Most surfers take the public path through Kila Senggigi to access the surf so you’ll be two steps ahead of the other three guys in the line-up. Great place to crash for families, surfers, groups, and couples with a bit more money to spend.  


Luxury Price Range – Pool Villa Club Senggigi Beach Lombok

An 8-minute walk from the surf, Pool Villa Club Senggigi Beach Lombok is the ideal location for surfers, families, large groups, or romantic couples.  A step up in price, you’re moving three steps up in luxury with private villas attached by a winding river-like swimming pool. Surfers who pride their personal space and families looking for extra privacy will love the Pool Villa Club. And best of all it is the closest spot you can stay to the surf break at Senggigi.

Is there food nearby?

Considering the highly sought after Senggigi sunsets, there’s an abundance of choice when it comes to dining beach-side or directly on the sand.  Read on to discover our recommendations on where to refuel after hours of surfing.

La Chill Bar – Colorful bean bag chairs and cold beers dotted just steps from the high tide mark signal surfers to LA Chill Bar.  Mostly western food with burgers, fries, and hot wings, you’ll also find local foods on offer at La Chill Bar. While directly on the sand, La Chill Bar is a short ways from the point at 20 minutes walking.  Regardless, you’ll not find a better place to catch the sunset with a round of beers.

The Cowshed – Laird Hamilton will be the first to tell you that what you put into your body is what you get out.  Especially in surfing, one meal can make or break your next session. More importantly, who’s surfing wouldn’t be improved by a porterhouse and potatoes?  The Cowshed offers a western steakhouse vibe that sticks out a bit like a sore thumb in Lombok’s lush tropical backdrop. Great for filling up on protein before your next adventure and a dive into Lombok’s cowboy scene.

The Ballroom Restaurant – You’ll need to hop on a scooter or grab a taxi to hike over to The Ballroom from Senggigi.  Just 10 minutes journey by scooter, it’s worth the drive. The Ballroom is located along a breakwater seaside where you might just feel the occasional bit of sea spray.  With a variety of local and western dishes, the Ballroom is a great choice for a romantic night out or a fancy dinner with the family.

What else is there to do in the area other than surfing?

Mt Rinjani Volcano Trekking – You’ll never run out of things to do on Lombok but trekking Mt Rinjani Volcano might not be the ideal spontaneous venture.  If you’re surfed out and you’re looking for a new place to explore, Mt. Rinjani Volcano is a three-day trek through the rainforest to the second highest volcano crater in Indonesia.  The crater, long since dormant, is a picture of heaven with pristine crystal clear water, deep lush greenery mixed with stone formations. There’s a wide variety of tour companies that will guide you up the mountain but if you’re an experience backpacker, you may be able to plan and travel your own expedition.  More time spent in the crater the better so plan at-least 2 nights if possible.

Batu Bolong Temple – Not to be confused with the popular surf and travel destination in Bali, Batu Bolong Temple is definitely worth a day’s visit when you’re surfed out or when the swell is flat. The temple is built into the cliffside and larger swells tend to splash up on to the temple walls.  Great for photography, exploration, and adventure.


Where is Senggigi?

Senggigi is located on Lombok’s west coast approximately 15 km north of the capital of Lombok – Mataram.

How to get around?

Scooter, taxi or rental car. If you are coming from Lombok International Airport you can also take the bus. The public bus service run by Damri Buses runs from Lombok International Airport to Mataram and Senggigi.

Is there parking fees?

Free parking.

How to get to the there?

Step 1: From Lombok International Airport head northwest along Drive along Jalan Bypass Bandara International Lombok for km.

Step 2: At the roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Jalan Lingkar Selatan and continue for 4.3 km.

Step 3: Continue straight onto Jalan Arya Banjar Getas for 2 km.

Step 4: Jalan Arya Banjar Getas turns left and becomes Jalan Ragi Genep.

Step 5: Continue straight for approximately 11 km until you see signs for Pelabuhan Senggigi. Turn left there and follow your nose for 650m to the point.