Selong Belanak is an extremely easy to access beach with a less than 100m walk from the parking lot off the main road. A beautiful sheltered bay with small rolling straight hander waves perfect for the beginner surfer. You’ll find buffalo cruising the beach, soft white sand, crystal clear turquoise water and the gradual slope of the sandy sea bottom provides waves with less power and a soft lip that slowly spills.




What kind of wave is Selong Belanak?

Selong Belanak is the ultimate learner’s wave in Lombok. Ideal for beginner surfers to practice taking off and getting to their feet in a safe environment with little to no hazards (other than a few soft-top surfboards). The local surf instructors provide a fun and playful environment that makes so many travellers first experience learning to surf a thrilling and enjoyable experience. Rather than a potentially scary one if surfing over a reef for the first time. The sand bottom and soft waves help to make the first step into the world of surfing an easy one!

    • Wave type:

      Beach break

    • Wave difficulty:


    • What way does the wave break:

      Close-outs, lefts and rights

    • Sea bottom:



  • Booties:


  • Surfboard type:

    Soft-top longboard

  • Crowd factor:

    Some crowds but plenty of room 

  • Hazards:

    Other learner surfers and rogue soft-tops  

    • Best swell direction:


    • Best wind direction:


    • What tide does it work best on:

      High but surfable on any tide

    • Best tide movement for surfing:



  • How consistent is the surf:


  • Best time of year for waves:

    All year round

  • What is the vibe like in the lineup:

    Frothing beginners

  • What other names does Selong Belanak go by?

    Pantai Selong Belanak

How do you get in and out of the surf?

Spend 10 minutes watching and look for a consistent peak breaking on what looks like could be a good sandbank anywhere along the beach and get out there!



What is the beach like?

Smooth white sand beach with a perfect sunset view right bang smack in the middle of the bay looking out to sea sums up Selong Belanak beach perfectly. For the sunset, get there around 5 pm, chill out and watch the sun drop below the horizon. Some say it’s the best beach on Lombok. You can hire sun loungers, bean bags, umbrellas, surfboards, boogie boards and all at the beach so travel light!

Where should I stay?


Cheapest Price Range – Selong Belanak Lombok (SBL) Resorts & Surf School

If you are looking for cheap accommodation a short walk from the beach at Selong Belanak then this is the spot for you. Located a few hundred metres from the beach the rooms are basic, but nice for the price range and the setting is beautiful with fantastic gardens. The manager and staff are friendly and very helpful which is always important when you are so far from home. All in all, it is a great option for backpackers on a mission to learn how to surf!


Mid Price Range – Bukit Indah Boutique Accommodation

Great value for money the Bukit Indah Boutique Accommodation is exactly that, beautiful boutique. The rooms are large, clean and very well presented. Selong Belanak is a peaceful area and this accommodation really plays on that peace and quiet. So if you are looking for some serenity while learning to surf in the area also then this is the spot for you to grab a book and kick back in between riding waves. Only a 10-minute walk to the beach so you can still get yourself down to the surf easily if you aren’t that found of hiring a scooter.


Luxury Price Range – Sempiak Villas

The only luxury accommodations located right on the beach at Selong Belanak. It is an oasis of natural beauty and comfort, that you won’t want to leave. Wooden villas are located on top of Sempiak Hill and provide beautiful views of the bay and immediate access to the surf. They even have a beautiful spa to pamper yourself, an infinity pool with views of the bay and the Laut Biru Bar & Restaurant. Which is exclusive to guests only.


Mega Luxury Price Range – Selong Selo Residences

Get ready to be impressed. Some of the most spectacular views you can get anywhere in Lombok. Soak in all the natural beauty of your bathroom, bedroom, living room, deck or infinity pool. Butler service 24 hours a day at your fingertips. Just a 10 minute drive down to Selong Belanak beach to chase some fun in the surf. All round stunning and exquisitely-adorned hilltop villas providing the ultimate getaway in Lombok.

Is there food nearby?

The beach itself at Selong Belanak is home to a few warungs so you can easily buy snacks, meals and drinks while hanging out at the beach. The traditional grilled corn with chilli butter is always a winner.

Laut Biru Bar & Restaurant has great food, coffee and a beautiful beachfront location. What else would you want in a restaurant? With a wide array of options from butter chicken to pavlova, you have plenty of options to keep you satisfied. Not to mention the great coffee to keep you going in between surfs! Note that the Laut Biru Bar & Restaurant is reserved exclusively for the guests of Sempiak Villas so if you want to dig in here be sure to book your accommodation.

Kampung Cafe has a great selection and great service. You’ll be able to dine on some hot favourites such as the Vietnamese chicken salad, red rice and quinoa salad, chicken curry and fish cakes. All around tasty food, at a great price and a chilled vibe. Kampung Cafe will never let you down.

What else is there to do in the area other than surfing?

The surrounding area of Selong Belanak is picturesque and has a seriously calming effect so if you are not surfing then relaxing and recharging your batteries has to be a high priority. The bay of Selong Belanak is extremely protected from the open ocean and is perfect for a casual Swim or the amazing hills and mountain tops make for amazing views. Either way, be sure to soak in the serenity that the area has to offer.

If you’re staying at Ola Ola Lombok check out some of the many fantastic activities they offer. From trekking Mount Rinjani, waterfalls, secret island snorkelling trips to cooking lessons where you’ll learn how to cook local dishes such as Pecel, Mie Goreng, Plecing Kangkung, Beberuk Terong and Sambal goreng Tempeh. You are sure to enjoy an adventure or two!

What else do I need to know?

There are a number of surf schools at Selong Belanak and all of them offer great teachers at a great price. Perfectly suited for learner surfers. So if you’re researching “Where to learn to surf in Indonesia?”, “surfing Indonesia beginners” or “surfing Lombok beginners” then this spot is high up on your list of options.


Where is Selong Belanak?

Selong Belanak is a small bay inside of a large bay located on the southern coastline of the Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

How to get around?

Scooter or car

Is there parking fees?

5000Rp per scooter

How to get to Selong Belanak?

Step 1: From Kuta Lombok head west along Jalan Mawun for 23.2km. During this time Jalan Mawun will turn into Jalan Selong Belanak – Kuta.

Step 2: As you get near simply follow the signs for Selong Belanak Beach, you can’t miss it.