Gerupuk Lombok is an inlet that is made up of a few small bays and home to 5 surf breaks.
All surf spots are a short boat ride from Gerupuk village.



What Kind of waves are there in Gerupuk?


Inside Right is a right hand reef break situated in the very east corner of the bay.

A rolling take off into a nice wall that leads into a fast section, often breaking a little wide and difficult to get around but with a forgiving lip. Outside of this section is a fun inside section that is rippable and good for turns.


Outside Right is a right-hand reef break situated to the south-west at the opening of the bay.

Outside Right has two distinctive waves consisting of a big shifty peak out back that can be quite heavy with a big drop and a fast inside wave that gets nice and steep.


Outside Left is a left hand reef break situated to the south east at the opening of the inlet. Here it is open to the Indian ocean and is the furthest surf break from the village.

Outside Left is not very often surfed. On smaller swells it gives a steep take off into a short barrel left and right that runs into a shallow close out onto sharp reef both ways.


Don Don is a peaky A-frame reef break that breaks left and right giving long rides both ways. It is located in the middle of the bay and closest to the village. Don Don is also commonly known as Kame, Japanese for ‘turtle’. If you are sitting in the lineup take a look over your shoulder at the hill behind you and you will notice that it is shaped very much like a turtle. The left and right are both really nice shaped waves and break bending back around the reef towards making the shoulder ripe for any sort of maneuver. Fun and easy performance waves both will give you a good leg workout.


Kiddies is a fun right-hand reef break that only breaks on biggest swells.

Kiddies also has a nice shape to the wave when it starts working in a big swell. Rippable the whole the way, kiddies can also give you nicely shaped barrel in the best of conditions.

  • Wave type:

    Inside Right: Reef break
    Outside Right: Reef break
    Outside Left: Reef break
    Don Don: Reef break
    Kiddies: Reef break

  • Wave difficulty:

    Inside Right: Beginner
    Outside Right: Intermediate
    Outside Left: Intermediate
    Don Don: Beginner
    Kiddies: Beginner

  • What way does the wave break:

    Inside Right: Right
    Outside Right: Right
    Outside Left: Left and sometimes right
    Don Don: Left and right
    Kiddies: Right

  • Sea bottom:

    Inside Right: Grass reef bottom
    Outside Right: Sharp reef bottom
    Outside Left: Sharp reef bottom
    Don Don: Deeper reef bottom
    Kiddies: Reef bottom


  • Booties:

    Inside Right: Booties aren’t necessary
    Outside Right: Personal preference
    Outside Left: Recommended
    Don Don: Booties aren’t necessary
    Kiddies: Booties aren’t necessary

  • Surfboard type:

    Inside Right: Short or longboard
    Outside Right: Shortboard
    Outside Left: Shortboard
    Don Don: Short or longboard
    Kiddies: Shortboard

  • Crowd factor:

    Inside Right: Crowded
    Outside Right: Medium crowds
    Outside Left: Low crowds
    Don Don: Medium crowds
    Kiddies: Medium crowds

  • Hazards:

    Inside Right: Learner surfers
    Outside Right: Sharp reef
    Outside Left: Sharp shallow reef
    Don Don: Learner surfers
    Kiddies: Crowds when it is on

  • Best swell direction:

    Inside Right: SW
    Outside Right: SW
    Outside Left: SW
    Don Don: S
    Kiddies: S

  • Best wind direction:

    Inside Right: NE *Handles all winds
    Outside Right: NW
    Outside Left: E
    Don Don: NE
    Kiddies: NW

  • What tide does it work best on:

    Inside Right: Mid-tide
    Outside Right: High tide
    Outside Left: Mid-tide
    Don Don: All tides
    Kiddies: All tides

  • Best tide movement for surfing:

    Inside Right: Mid to high
    Outside Right: Mid to high
    Outside Left: Mid-tide
    Don Don: Outgoing
    Kiddies: Incoming


  • How consistent is the surf:

    Inside Right: Consistent
    Outside Right: Consistent (wet season)
    Outside Left: Inconsistent
    Don Don: Semi consistent (dry season)
    Kiddies: Fickle (rarely breaks)

  • Best time of year for waves:

    Inside Right: Dry season
    Outside Right: Wet season
    Outside Left: Wet season
    Don Don: Dry season
    Kiddies: Dry season

  • What is the vibe like in the lineup:

    Inside Right: Happy go lucky surfers
    Outside Right: Intermediates taking the step up
    Outside Left: Airy due to the open ocean
    Don Don: Happy go lucky surfers
    Kiddies: Frothing when it works 

  • What other names does Gerupuks surf spots go by?

    Inside Right: Prigi or Bumbang Bay
    Outside Right: Giligoleng
    Outside Left: Terasaq
    Don Don: Batu Teong or Kame
    Kiddies: Batu Lawang or Kids Point


How do you get in and out of the surf?

Boat access. A surf boat to take you out to any of the surf breaks will cost 150,000Rp for 3 or fewer people. If more than 3 people it will cost 50,000Rp per person for a 2-hour session in the surf.

You won’t have any trouble organising a boat as on arrival into Gerupuk you will find plenty of locals keen and ready to take you out to whichever break is working best.

Your captain will either wait for you on the boat in the channel or anchor up and jump in the surf with you.



What is the beach like?

The beach in Gerupuk itself can be home to a bit of rubbish and local fishing life. However, there are many small bays in Gerupuk that you can get to by a short boat ride or walk if you want to relax on a beach to yourself.

There are other spectacular beaches nearby such as Tanjung Aan which is most commonly visited by beachgoers relaxing in the sun. Parking at Tanjung Aan will cost IDR 10,000 per scooter.

Where should I stay?

There are a lot of quality Airbnb options for accommodation in and around Gerupuk with the hosts going out of their way to ensure your trip to Gerupuk is a great one. The nearest Hotel or Resort is Novotel Lombok hotel back towards Kuta Lombok.

Mid Price Range – Surf Camp Lombok

Founded in 2007, Surf Camp Lombok are seriously passionate about improving peoples ability to surf. Their highly qualified team help and support you through a truly unique and potentially life-changing experience. The surf camp is in a small fishing village known as Gerupuk within a beautiful inlet. This large inlet is home to five different surf spots which provide some of the best opportunities to develop your surfing.

Surf Camp Lombok uses a well-developed level 1-4 system to customise a course specific to your needs, maximising your progress during your stay. The camp accommodates sixteen, level 1-2 guests and eight, level 3-4 guests in dorm rooms, double rooms or private houses. You also have the option to book a separate villa next door should you prefer more privacy.


Mid Price Range – Inlight Lombok

Inlight Lombok is a beautiful accommodation oasis, hidden beachfront, in the icon hills of Gerupuk. The accommodation has three spectacular outdoor pools and unique ocean views which also includes sunrises, cliffs, mountains, beach and the surf. With five super fun surf spots accessed in the bay within 10 minutes by boat, Inlight can organise a boat to take you from their beachfront location straight to the lineup. Gerupuk village is just a short scooter ride away, however, you won’t need to venture far from Inlight Lombok during your entire stay. While you relax by the pool and recharge your batteries in between surfs, eat at their on-site restaurant where they serve deliciously, healthy vegetarian and seafood meals.


Is there food nearby?

The Shake and Bake bakery in Gerupuk is AMAZING. Everything is homemade, all done with the best fresh local ingredients, crafting delicious vegetarian meals.

Their freshly baked multigrain sourdough is made daily and is up there with the best bread you’ll find in Indonesia.


What else is there to do in the area other than surfing?

Apart from surfing, Gerupuk Bay Lombok is a small but well-known fishing village where young lobster are caught using light to attract them at night. Local fisherman scoop the young lobster from the water, transfer them into holding pots attached to floating bamboo pontoons where they are grown for export.

In addition to lobster, a large array of fish are caught and seaweed farmed. The area is full of sea life and makes for some great fishing. You will often see big fish jumping out of the water on your short boat ride to one of the 5 surf breaks.

Surf Camp Lombok situated at the southern end of the village has a skate bowl that is open to the public. Head on down for a skate session in between surfs.


Where is Gerupuk?

Gerupuk is located in the south east of Lombok about 9 km from Kuta Lombok and approximately 50 minutes drive from Lombok International Airport.

How to get around?

Easiest and most convenient way to get around is to rent a scooter for IDR 50,000 per day.

Is there parking fees?

If you’re not staying in Gerupuk and are parking up for a surf, depending on where you park you may have to pay IDR 2,000.

How to get there?

Step 1: When travelling to Gerupuk from outside of Lombok it is easiest to fly into Lombok’s International Airport.

Step 2: When organising your accommodation for your stay in Gerupuk ask your hosts to organise a car to pick you up from the airport as this will also ensure you get a fair price for transport. Usually IDR 200,000.

Step 3: From Lombok International Airport the drive to Gerupuk is approximately 50 minutes.