Are Guling, with disputed spelling from Are Goling, Air Guling, and Aregoling is one of the many wide-ranging valleys in South Lombok that leads down into a small bay.  Imagine surfing at the base of a valley of tropical forest and tall rolling hills. The bay is open and SW facing a large island in the middle. There are two different waves at Are Guling on either side of the bay, a right and a left.  The right breaks as a point with a steep inside section and the left breaks over a shelf of the reef at high tides. Both are tide dependent and notable for their fast and peeling shoulders which on occasion pitch to open hollow sections.




What kind of wave is Are Guling Right?

Known as one of the better right’s on the South Coast of Lombok, the right at Are Guling is a right point break that opens to a doubled up barrel section on the inside.  From Low to mid tides, with offshore tradewinds, this wave offers an easy take off with ample time and space for maneuvers. The inside can hollow out on bigger swells but Are Guling breaks best at 4-6 feet. Under perfect conditions, the surf can hold 8-10 feet. You can expect fewer surfers here than other spots in South Lombok, even when epic.


What kind of wave is Are Guling Left?

The Left at Are Guling breaks on the opposite side of the bay from the right which puts it bang smack in the middle of the bay. Typically short and hollow, the left can break over a shelf of reef at higher tides that is left high and dry on the lowest tides.  

    • Wave type:

      Are Guling Right: Reef Break

      Are Guling Left: Reef Break

    • Wave difficulty:

      Are Guling Right: Intermediate upwards

      Are Guling Left: Intermediate upwards

    • What way does the wave break:

      Are Guling Right: Right

      Are Guling Left: Left

    • Sea bottom:

      Are Guling Right: Reef and submerged rock

      Are Guling Left: Reef


  • Booties:

    Are Guling Right: Not necessary

    Are Guling Left: Personal preference

  • Surfboard type:

    Are Guling Right: Shortboard

    Are Guling Left: Shortboard

  • Crowd factor:

    Are Guling Right: Light

    Are Guling Left: Light

  • Hazards:

    Are Guling Right: Submerged rock

    Are Guling Left: Shallow reef

    • Best swell direction:

      Are Guling Right: SW

      Are Guling Left: S

    • Best wind direction:

      Are Guling Right: NE

      Are Guling Left: NW

    • What tide does it work best on:

      Are Guling Right: Low

      Are Guling Left: High

    • Best tide movement for surfing:

      Are Guling Right: Mid to low

      Are Guling Left: Mid to high


  • How consistent is the surf:

    Are Guling Right: Consistent

    Are Guling Left: Consistent

  • Best time of year for waves:

    Are Guling Right: Wet Season; October – April

    Are Guling Left: Wet Season; October – April

  • What is the vibe like in the lineup:

    Are Guling Right: Mellow

    Are Guling Left: Mellow

  • What other names does Are Guling go by?

    Air Guling

    Are Goling

    Are Gouling

How do you get in and out of the surf?

There is a huge main channel through the middle of the bay. You can’t miss it. This helps you easily steer clear of shallow reef sections.  



What is the beach like?

The beach at Are Guling is a half-moon shaped stretch of beach skirted by heavy green foliage and nearby island Gili Nusa. A great place for sunbathing or photos if you’re not into surfing.  You typically won’t see many tourists cruising the beach and can enjoy the solitude that comes with it.

Where should I stay?

With great waves comes great responsibility, or something like that.  As a result of it’s access to great waves, the area surrounding Are Guling is slowly sprouting surf accommodations.  Read on for some of our recommendations of where to stay.


Cheapest Price Range – Are Goling Beach Bungalows

Are Goling Beach Bungalows offers a stunning view of the bay and surf breaks.  Bungalows range from simple surf shacks to more modern, defined by shared or private bathrooms.  Walking distance to the waves at Are Guling and surrounded by a quiet and close-knit community, you’re bound to stumble upon tips on where and when to surf.  Rustic and locally sourced materials are thatched together to make a comfy and quiet place to crash after a day’s surf. A great place to stay for anyone from single surfer and groups to couples and families.  


Mid Price Range – Owa Lodge

Owa Lodge is another great option for surfers looking to score waves at Are Guling.  Overlooking the break at Are Guling, Owa Lodge is a quiet and private surf accommodation composed of 4 rooms and small restaurant/cafe.  Don’t forget the pool. Surrounded by farm and ranch fields, one can only imagine the opportunity for sunbathing and stargazing. Great for families and single surfers looking for extra comfort and easy access to surf via a 4-minute walk.  

Is there food nearby?

Ashtari Lounge & Kitchen – As we’ve mentioned, again and again, Are Guling is incredibly picturesque.  But there’s no denying it’s tough to find a better view than Ashtari Lounge and Kitchen.  Built farther up the hillside than some of the accommodations on this list, you have a full vantage point of the entire valley and Are Guling lefts and rights.  A truly incredible place to watch the sunset over a drink or two. Great for couples, families, or anyone trying to fill up after their last session.

Ita Cafe and Simple Cafe Are Guling (Beach Warungs) – Your typical Warung is always a great place to grab a bite.  The Beach Warungs at Are Guling are no different. Simple bamboo surf shacks house sunburnt and stoked travellers, young and old, in between sessions.  Great place to fill up on calories before heading back out into the line-up.

What else is there to do in the area other than surfing?

Ashtari Yoga located at Ashtari Lounge and Kitchen is a great place for cross-training and recovery after days spent shacked and bouncing off the reef.  The view alone is worth the embarrassment of letting one loose during a happy baby pose. A private thatched-roof studio overlooks the whole valley and both breaks at Are Guling.  Jokes aside, Ashtari is a great place to salute the sunrise or welcome the sunset.

Goa Gale – Gale Prabu Cave Lombok is known for great surf, mountains, waterfalls, and other natural wonders.  Goa Gale-Gale or Bangkang is one of many natural delights you’ll find across the island.  An open air, rock-enclosed cave ripe for exploration is equipped with natural holes that send light cascading down the walls and into open rooms of the cave.   Considering you’ll be spending so much time buried in the barrel at Are Guling, it’s worth considering taking time to peak underground for contrast.

What else do I need to know?

It’s relatively easy to get to Are Guling by boat from Kuta Lombok which amounts to 20-30 minutes inboard.  Roads to Are Guling can be dangerous so be sure to not head out on the road on your lonesome. A 20-minute drive from Kuta Lombok and 20-minute paddle out, it depends on what type of scenery you want to enjoy on the way out to the lineup.  


Where is Are Guling?

Are Guling is located on the southern coast of Lombok, 7.2km west of Kuta Lombok.

How to get around?

Hire yourself a scooter and go exploring. The roads around the southern coast of Lombok are fairly quiet and generally in great condition. Unlike some areas of Bali you also don’t usually have the hassle of police pulling you over to check that you have an international motorcycle licence either.

Is there parking fees?

5,000Rp per scooter.

How to get to Are Guling?

Step 1: From Kuta Lombok head west along Jalan Mawun for 5.7km

Step 2: Turn Left onto Jalan Pariwisata Are Guling

Step 3: Drive 1.5km until you arrive at Are Guling beach