Not to be confused with the small country neighbouring India in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka Bali is one of the many near-perfect waves on the island that is situated directly in front of a high-class resort. Nearby Nusa Dua is known as a swell magnet in the area and when maxed out, you’ll find Sri Lanka barrelling over shallow reef as it wraps its way around a submerged coral mesa facing northwest. Be forewarned, this is not a wave for beginner surfers, especially goofy-foots. On the best days, you’ll be paddle battling against a well-experienced crew of local surfers and expats. Stick to the shoulder, watch the peak for a while and you might be lucky enough to snag the rouge set wave.




What kind of wave is Sri Lanka?

Under ideal conditions, Sri Lanka is a fast-breaking right-hander that barrels in Bali style near-perfection. For the best rides, you’ll need to paddle in late and drop in across the peak. Grab rail and keep your eye on the lip as it peels over your outside shoulder for a fast and square barrel in the optimal conditions.

Unless it’s huge at Nusa Dua, you can expect Sri Lanka to break quickly in intermittent sections that break imperfectly and finish with a flat section in the channel. When the surf is good, expect crowds. If you’re not experienced, it will be tough to grab a set wave. Remember to keep your cool in the line-up, a fight in Bali will earn you a one-way ticket home and a sharp advisement to never return. So unless you’re keen on being “banished,” be cool, wait your turn, and you might wind up with the late drop in a barrel you’ve been dreaming of.

    • Wave type:

      Reef break

    • Wave difficulty:

      Intermediate upwards

    • What way does the wave break:


    • Sea bottom:



  • Booties:


  • Surfboard type:


  • Crowd factor:

    Heavy crowds on good days

  • Hazards:

    See below

    • Best swell direction:


    • Best wind direction:


    • What tide does it work best on:

      Mid to low tide (works on all)

    • Best tide movement for surfing:

      Lowering mid-tide


  • How consistent is the surf:

    Very inconsistent

  • Best time of year for waves:

    Wet Season; October – April

  • What is the vibe like in the lineup:

    Typically mellow

  • What other names does Sri Lanka go by?

    Club Med

Common hazards

Watch out for surprise close-out sections and shallow reef. Jet Skis and boats coming in and out or across the channel are a constant threat so make sure you are visible when paddling in and out. Be careful of the break wall rocks and barnacles as mentioned in the section below.

How do you get in and out of the surf?

There’s a small break wall out in front of the neighbouring Club Med Resort that will drop you right into the channel. Stick to the channel until you’re parallel with other surfers in the water and make your way towards the peak. Alternatively, paddle out from the beach to avoid slipping on the break wall rocks or cutting your feet on the sharp barnacles that have made the break wall their home. Be very cautious of frequent jet skis and boats coming in and out of the channel and travelling across the lagoon. These are a real danger when paddling in or out so be sure that you can be seen.



What is the beach like?

Considering Club Med is located straight in front of the break, you can expect a well-manicured white sandy beach equipped with lawn chairs, fire pits, umbrellas, and the occasional surf shack. A great beach for families and travellers content to stay stationary and you won’t find many drunken teenagers of party goers here so you can almost bet on a quiet relaxing time every time.

Where should I stay?

There’s plenty of places to choose from in close proximity to Sri Lanka Bali and neighboring Nusa Dua. Take a look below for some of our best recommendations.


Cheapest Price Range – D’ Kubu Pratama

D’Kubu Pratama offers modern, clean, and comfortable surf accommodation a short 10-minute walk from the beach. There’s plenty of places to explore in the neighbouring community from restaurants to waterparks. Don’t expect 5-star treatment for a one-star price, but D’Kubu Pratama delivers on your expectations.  Great for single surfers, couples on a budget, and families who don’t mind a bit less seclusion that you’ll find in other accommodations on this list.


Affordable Price Range – The Nest Hotel by Danapati

The Nest Hotel offers high-class treatment for a modest price. The restaurant, gym and rooftop infinity pool gives you the feeling of luxury without breaking the bank.  Within 5 minutes walking distance to Bali’s surf break Sri Lanka The Nest Hotel is a fine accommodation that is affordable purely because it is 1 block back from the beach. Unlike the higher price beachfront resorts. A very short scooter ride to Nusa Dua and situated just on the outer edge of the Nusa Dua resort area The Nest Hotel is a great home base for surfers looking to explore. Considering the various accommodation choices you have in the area, The Nest Hotel is a great option for surfers, couples, and families. The buffet breakfast here is also an absolute winner!


Mid Price Range – Sol Beach House Bali Benoa

Located Beachfront in neighbouring Nusa Dua, Sol Beach House Bali Benoa is a step up from the cheaper options on this list.  You’ll find umbrellas and lawn chairs waiting for your non-surfing travelling companions and the nearby kid’s park and water park are sure to wear out your young ones while you’re in the line-up.  Great for families, couples, groups, and single surfers, Sol Beach House Bali Benoa is one of the better surf accommodation options you’ll find in the area.


Luxury Price Range – Club Med Bali

Located smack dab in front of the surf spot Sri Lanka Bali, Club Med Bali carries on a legacy of comfortable and safe accommodation for the whole family.  This is a great option for large groups and families with kids. There’s plenty of food options, and activities to choose from including shows and adventure parks. Club Med’s built-in programs mean you won’t have to spend much time entertaining which leaves you more time for surfing. While not exactly your typical surf accommodation, Club Med is a great option for families, couples, or honeymooners looking for easy access to the surf break.  

Is there food nearby?

There’s plenty to choose from the in the community of Bualu if you are prepared to travel around by car or scooter.  Take a look below for some of our best recommendations in the area.

Nusa Dua PizzaSometimes while travelling you just want a taste of comfort.  After a few surf-filled and sunburnt days in the line-up, you might be craving a piece of home.  Nusa Dua Pizza offers thin crust, wood-fired New York Style Pizza in a portion size that is sure to leave your homesick stomach feeling fat and happy. With a casual atmosphere, 10/10 food, Nusa Dua Pizza is a great place for groups, families, couples, or singles.

Blackstone CoffeeYou can never go wrong with a good cup of coffee and a full English breakfast.  Blackstone Coffee receives raving reviews from travellers and locals who appreciate a good cup of joe.  With a mixture of Balinese, European, and American cuisine, you’re sure to drop in on a few digital nomads hard at work, or something resembling work. Blackstone Coffee is a great place to spend a slow morning or lazy afternoon.  Be sure to drop by for your caffeine fix before your next dawn patrol session.

Mr Bob Beachfront Bar & GrillYou can’t beat a great meal on the beach.  Mr Bob Beachfront Bar and Grill offers Balinese and Western cuisine just steps from the ocean. Come drop in still dripping from your last session or cruise by after your sunset stroll. The live music may draw you in and the cocktails may keep you there.

What else is there to do in the area other than surfing?

Nusa Dua DiveWhile Bali is obviously known for some of the best barrels you’ll find anywhere, the wide array of wildlife you’re likely to see while diving just might inspire you to drop your board and grab some 02.  Nusa Dua Dive offers the opportunity to pick up your PADI cert, go for a night dive, or take the family out snorkelling. Not the most expensive diving in Bali, you can still get to 100 metres without breaking the bank, but don’t expect 5-star luxury for a 1-star price.  


Where is Sri Lanka, Bali?

The Sri Lanka surf break in Bali is located directly in front of the Club Med Bali Resort and the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort on the south-east coast of Bali.

How to get around?

Scooter. The Nusa Dua area has great roads and less hectic traffic so its a prime spot to ease your way into the world of travelling by scooter and learning how the traffic work and flows in Bali.

Is there parking fees?

2,500Rp per Scooter

How to get there?

Step 1: From the airport take the Bali Mandara Toll Road and follow the signs for Nusa Dua

Step 2: After exiting the Bali Mandara Toll Road turn left onto Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai

Step 3: Then at the next set of lights turn left onto Jalan Pratama in Kuta Selatan

Step 4: Continue straight along Jalan Pratama for 1.3km

Step 5: Once you reach the roundabout take the first exit left and continue straight on Jalan Pratama for 250m

Step 6: Take the first right and continue straight for 350m until you reach the beach at the surf spot Sri Lanka, Bali