Often referred to as ‘Turtle Island’, Serangan Bali is a frequent nesting ground for green sea turtles. Once a secret spot Serangan is now a very well known surf break in Bali and is often crowded due to it being one of the most popular wet season waves on the eastern side of Bali’s coastline. The reef is set up so there is always some sort of a wave on any tide and any size swell, working all day, making it a bit of a wave machine. The beach at Serangan has a chilled out warung scene where surfers hang out in between surfs. Making it a great place to sit and view the waves roll in.




What kind of wave is Serangan?

This wet season crowd-pleaser has something for everyone. Various left and right A-frames peak up and pitch along a coral reef, ranging from softer shoulders or big steep walls for high-performance maneuvers and even some sucky pits through most tides. It picks up a bit of wind but loves a straight westerly offshore which holds the wave up before pitching and throwing out a hollow section. 

The main peak right out front of the warungs is where all the action is, however, there are softer peaks for less experienced surfers on either side of the small channels that separate the main peak from these spots. While sitting in the surf or on the beach at Serangan there will be a steady stream of planes coming into land at Ngurah Rai International Airport and boats coming and going from Benoa harbour.

    • Wave type:


    • Wave difficulty:


    • What way does the wave break:

      Left and right

    • Sea bottom:



  • Booties:

    Personal preference

  • Surfboard type:

    Shortboard or a wider fish style

  • Crowd factor:


  • Hazards:


    • Best swell direction:


    • Best wind direction:


    • What tide does it work best on:

      Mid tide but surfable on all tides

    • Best tide movement for surfing:

      Low to mid tide


  • How consistent is the surf:


  • Best time of year for waves:

    Wet Season; October – April

  • What is the vibe like in the lineup:

    Choas if it’s crowded

  • What other names does Serangan go by?

    Turtle Island

How do you get in and out of the surf?

You can paddle out either side of the main peak through small channels. When your standing on the beach and facing towards the surf the channel to the left is directly in front of the seawall that protrudes out slightly and the channel to the right is in front of the last warungs at the end of the beach.


What is the beach like?

The beach at Serangan is beautiful with white sand on the top half of the beach and then mixed with small shells and coral on the lower section of the beach. In the wet season particularly the small stretch of beach in front of the surf break at Serangan is well maintained and lined with local warungs providing all you need from food, drink, seating, loungers, shelter and shade from the sun. Other than that there is nothing around for a few kilometres so it is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle, to kick back and relax in the sun, sea and surf.

Where should I stay?

There are four accommodation options for surfers on Serangan Island. All four places are located on the northern side of the island near Serangan harbour and vary in styles of accommodation. So you should be covered for most travelling situations if you want to stay in the area. You always have the option to stay elsewhere in Bali if you are prepared to travel the distance to get to Serangan.

Serangan is also a great place to stay if you plan on heading to Gili T or Nusa Lembongan. You can catch a fast boat from the harbour just down the road from any of the accommodations listed below. Certainly an idea to consider if you don’t want to make the long drive to Padang Bai to catch a boat. It will shorten your travel time and gives you the chance to soak in a bit of Serangan Island.


Cheapest Price Range – Turtle Island Hostel

Turtle Island Hostel isn’t just one of the cheapest options available to rest your head in between surfs at Serangan, it’s the closest accommodation option you have to the waves at Serangan surf break. It’s clean, has helpful staff, wifi in all rooms with bunk room dormitories or a double bed in private rooms. As always you get what you pay for and this is a good option to stay if you are planning on surfing your brains out at Serangan and hanging at the beach there.


Affordable Price Range – SooBali by The Sea

This modern 2-floor studio is a beautiful and very affordable private villa that is perfect for a couple on a surf trip to Serangan. It has got everything you need including a kitchen and fridge so you can stock up on the essentials. The balcony overlooking the Serangan harbour and zen-like decor will make you feel right at home and in no hurry to leave the house unless the waves are calling.


Mid Price Range – Paras Paros Marina Lodge

A quite lodge that looks over Serangan port with 22 rooms spread over 3 floors providing a warm and pleasant home away from home. If you love a sunrise and sunset this place won’t disappoint. Their deluxe balcony seats you for a 360-degree view with no high rises around to block the view and the marina is all part of the sublime setting. The rooms are comfortable and have a real surfer feel to them, especially the rooms with a balcony and artificial grass. Book this place and feel right at home in between surfs.


Luxury Price Range – Villa Tepi Segara 7 Bedrooms

If you’re with a big group and looking for some privacy, luxury and a place big enough to kick back unwind with a few bintangs together then this is a great option. This private villa has 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a washing machine, huge rooftop balcony to chill out on and enjoy the sunset with Serangan harbour views. Perfect to unwind after a big day of surfing Serangan. It pretty much has everything a large group needs to enjoy a surfing trip in a bit of luxury. The best thing is that when splitting the costs with a group it is actually a really affordable option. One to seriously consider!

Is there food nearby?

There are a plenty of warungs along the beach, right in front of the surf break at Serangan so there is no shortage of food or drink if you get there early, hanging around after a surf or waiting to go out for the next session. Drink a young coconut or two at one of the warungs after your surf to rehydrate and get some natural electrolytes, or do one better and have an ice cold Bintang while you watch more perfect waves roll in and yarn to fellow surfers visiting Serangan.

What else is there to do in the area other than surfing?

Bali Wake Park has state of the art cable systems built on a 5-hectare lake and is the only cable wake park in Bali. If you are into wakeboarding then this will be right up your alley while you’re on holiday in Bali and visiting the surrounding area of Serangan. They now also feature an inflatable water park which is the biggest in Asia and has inflatables over 8 metres high. It’s a well set up facility that caters to all levels and has great reviews on TripAdvisor.

Relax and soak in the surfy atmosphere – The warungs on the beach offer cold drinks and food with plenty of shade and seating.

Swimming – If the tide is mid to high then there is plenty enough water in the lagoon for a swim.

Massage – Nestled in between the warungs along the beach is a spot where you can get a good massage to unwind those paddling muscles.

Turtle Conservation and Education Center Bali are 100% dedicated to the conservation and preservation of sea turtles in the area. You can go and witness first hand how this conservation centre preserves, rescues and rehabilitates sick sea turtles. A very knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide will be more than happy to show you the facilities and explain what they do there. They do not have an entrance fee, instead, they operate on donations so be sure to give something.

Upside Down World Bali – There has never been a better place for a weird and crazy family photo than Upside Down World.  Rooms are specifically decorated upside down, meaning as you walk in you’ll see tables, chairs, couches, and the odd refrigerator hanging from the ceiling.  Great place for a laugh with friends and family.

What else do I need to know?

Surfboard Hire is available at Serangan Beach. With short boards and longboards available. If your not really into surfing then Serangan Beach shouldn’t be at the top of your list of places to go.


Where is Serangan?

Serangan is a small island located east of the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali and south of Denpasar. Situated in between Benoa Harbor and Sanur Beach it is the nearest island to Bali and has a length of 2.9 km and a width of 1 km.

How to get around?

As always the best mode of transport is by scooter. However if there is a small group of you renting a car and driver is a great option when surfing at Serangan. If you aren’t familiar with Bali an even better option is to pay for a local surf guide to take you. There are a lot of surf guides to choose from and they love sharing the experience with you, so never hesitate to get in touch with a local surf guide as they are full of local knowledge and will always make your surf trip to Serangan a very enjoyable one.

Is there parking fees?

Entry and parking are paid on your way in as described in how to get to Serangan below. You will pay approximately 2,000Rp on a scooter and 5,000Rp in a car.

How to get there?

Step 1: If your coming from the airport go straight along Jalan Airport Ngurah Rai and at the roundabout take the second exit to take the Mandara Toll Road towards Denpasar Sanur.

Step 2: When you exit the toll road merge onto Jalan Raya Pelabuhan Benoa and then turn right at the first set of lights onto Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai.

Step 3: After about 1.3km make a U-turn at Jalan Pemelisan.

Step 4: Take the next right onto Jalan Pantai Serangan.

Step 5: Continue straight until you cross a bridge, once you cross the bridge look right immediately and there will be a gravel road. Make a U-turn up ahead and then turn left onto the gravel road before the bridge.

Step 6: Once you enter the gravel road you will be greeted by a local villager collecting a small entry/parking fee.

Step 7: Once you have paid the fee cars will continue straight ahead but scooters can take a narrow shortcut to the left. Either way, continue along the gravel road following the signs for Pantai Serangan until you arrive at the beach.