Legian Beach surf spot is commonly known as Padma, is one of a handful of fun beach breaks in Bali.  Legian is better known as a tourist attraction for it’s long, smooth sand beach connecting Kuta Beach to Seminyak.  Just a short trip from Kuta, Padma is easy to check out on your journey North towards other world-class reef breaks in the area like Seminyak, Airport Reefs, Berawa, or Canggu.  With a very consistent set of swell, you are likely to find fun waves at Padma year-round regardless of swell. Considering it’s a beach break, you may be able to stray away from the crowd by searching out a private peak rather than paddling out to an already overpopulated line-up.  Padma is a great spot for beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers looking for quick, fun, and accessible surf.




What kind of wave is Legian Beach?

Legian is a beach break located adjacent to Kuta Beach and connects 3 kilometres of white sand beach between Seminyak and Tuban.  Better known as a tourist destination fit for swimming and general recreation, the beach break is fun but not exactly world-class.  Lefts tend to be a bit longer walled-out sections and rights tend to barrel under ideal conditions. Legian is a great wave for folks venturing into surfing for the first time or veterans looking for easy access to the break without the hassle of a boat ride, guided trip, or long paddle out.

    • Wave type:

      Beach break

    • Wave difficulty:


    • What way does the wave break:

      Left and right

    • Sea bottom:



  • Booties:

    Not required

  • Surfboard type:


  • Crowd factor:

    Low surf crowds, high tourist crowd

  • Hazards:

    Beginner surfers, strong rips, and sunburn

    • Best swell direction:


    • Best wind direction:


    • What tide does it work best on:

      Mid to high

    • Best tide movement for surfing:

      Rising high tide


  • How consistent is the surf:


  • Best time of year for waves:

    Dry season; April – October

  • What is the vibe like in the lineup:


  • What other names does Legian go by?


How do you get in and out of the surf?

Before paddling out, take 10-15 minutes to watch a few sets roll into the beach.  You should be able to notice where the waves tend to break and where the peaks tend to form.  Look for rip currents where the water seems murky or the waves tend to die out. It’s always easier to paddle out in a rip but be aware of your proximity to the peak, and current strength or you may spend more of your session looking for the peak that surfing the waves it provides.    



What is the beach like?

The long open stretch of soft sandy beach is well populated with tourists, chair/umbrella rentals, bintangs, fresh coconuts and the odd surfer.

Where should I stay?

There are plenty of places to choose from ranging from Kuta to Seminyak.  Check out below for some of our recommendations in the Legian area.


Cheap Price Range –  Balisani Padma

Balisani Padma is a great choice for the surfer or couple traveling on a tight budget.  At $14 US/night, I’m not sure you’ll find a more comfortable, clean, and simple surf accommodation.  That being said, don’t expect a 5 star experience for a 1 star price. A quick 5 minute walk to the beach, Balisani Padma is a great choice for folks looking for quick and easy access to the beach and various surf breaks in the area.  


Affordable Price Range –  Swiss-Belinn Legian

Swiss-Belinn Legian is a great option for surfers, couples, or families looking for a bit more modernity in their Bali experience.  Clean, comfortable, and affordable, Swiss-Belin Legian offers a wide variety of services from wedding venues, suites, a fully stocked gym, spa, and pool.  Walking distance to the surf, 10 minutes or so, Swiss-Belinn is in close proximity to restaurants, beaches, and other tourist attractions within the area. If you’re looking for ease, comfort, and waves, Swiss-Belin Legian is a great choice of surf-accommodation.   


Mid Price Range – FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach

FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach could be located just about anywhere in the world and I’m sure you’d still have a good time.  Rooms are spacious with private balconies, ocean views, and spa/pool access. Walking distance to the beach, and more than a step up in luxury, FuramaXclusive provides a level of modernity and comfort that surfers, and their companions, dream of.  A great choice for families, couples, or surfers traveling in groups, you’ll find a little bit for everyone at FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach. 


Luxury Price Range – Padma Resort Legian

Padma Resort Legian is arguably the top place to stay in close proximity to the surf at Padma.  You won’t forget your in Bali with a jungle vegetated pool and restaurant area and literally steps from the sand.  Padma Resort Legian offers luxury spa treatments, honeymoon suites, and kids play areas complete with staffed supervision.  Padma Resort Legian offers great choices for families traveling with kids, honeymooners looking for peace, quiet and seclusion, and surfers looking to keep their kids and spouses happy.

Is there food nearby?

Considering your close proximity to Kuta, there’s a variety of different dining options in the area.  Here’s a few you wouldn’t want to miss:

Bali Pearl Restaurant is much, much more than your typical warung in Bali.  With a mix of european and asian inspired foods, Bali Pearl Restaurant offers a fine dining experience just two blocks from the break at Legian.  While I’m sure you wouldn’t ruffle too many feathers appearing mid-afternoon in a pair of trunks with sandy ankles, Bali Pearl Restaurant is a bit better suited for a romantic evening out than your post-surf grinds.  

Azul Beach Club is connected to the aforementioned Padma Resort Legian, Azul Beach Club is what you imagine when you think of a meal out in Bali.  Ocean/sunset views, relaxed atmosphere, and bamboo decor, Azul Beach Club is a great choice for everything from a family night out, romantic meal, or few beers with the boys.  You’ll find sangria, pizza, french fries, and churros on the menu keeping tummies happy from Tijuana to Timbuktu. Azul Beach Club is a great choice for groups, families, couples, or single surfers even without mentioning the jacuzzi access, occasional live music, and proximity to the surf (a brisk 2 minute walk).

Yogi’s Paradise and Grill – While the idea of a Yogi’s paradise might bring to mind images of a single grain of rice beneath the Bodhi tree, think again.  Yogi’s paradise is championed by the picinic basket loving bear of jellystone national park and it’s not difficult to imagine why.  Yogi’s Paradise and Grill offers a plethora of dishes from fresh shellfish to lightly braised beef atop onion rings or french-fried potatoes.  Great for families, groups, couples or singles Yogi’s Paradise is sure to fill the belly following your next epic session at Padma’s various peaks.

What else is there to do in the area other than surfing?

Armada Flow House – Considering the close proximity to world-class waves throughout bali, you might find the idea of a wave-pool a bit ludicrous; think again.  Armada Flow House offers a world class standing wave for you to practice your barrel riding, aerial maneuvers, or boogie boarding. Armada Flow House is equipped with a flowrider standing wave better known from bringing surfing to the masses in hotels, bars, and cruise ships world-wide.  Regardless of conditions, Armada Flow House is a great place for your first wave, to perfect your barrel riding, or jump on a boogie board.

Listen to some live music at Bali Beach Shack – Bali Beach Shack is a novelty like no other you’ll find in Bali.  Family friendly bar, restaurant, and drag show (advertised as family rated) Bali Beach Shack is a great place for music, food, and laughs.  After a couple days of hard surfing, and nights of hard drinking, who doesn’t love a goofy dude wearing a dress singing Cher? Stop by Bali Beach Shack for entertainment, food, and fun.    

Legian Street – The main drag in Legian; Legian Street, is a great place to shop for local souvenirs, grab a bite to eat, people watch, or scope local culture.  Legian Street is a great place for a stroll before hitting the bars or after hitting the lip.  

What else do I need to know?

Legian is located adjacent to Kuta and stretches all the way to Seminyak.  A hired scooter gets you easy access to a ton of tourist attractions and surf spots in the area so be sure to look into grabbing a moped, scooter, or motorbike if you have a chance.


Where is Legian?

Legin is a suburb nestled in between Kuta and Seminyak on the West coast of Bali.

How to get around?

By foot or scooter. The traffic is hectic so avoid using taxis.

Is there parking fees?

Yes. Approximately 2,000 – 5,0000Rp for the day.