Impossibles Surf Spot

On the right day, you might catch a glimpse of one of the most picturesque waves not only on the Bukit but in the world.

A passerby can’t help but notice the 400-metre peeling left-handers that roll in across Impossibles reef. Alas, this is typically pure ocean trickery as Impossibles Bali, like its name is often impossible to keep up with. You can expect quick sections that leave surfers feeling defeated. However, under ideal conditions (mid-low tide and over 5 ft), Impossibles can open up and you can expect a near-perfect ride. The lineup is typically fun and friendly, however, every swell brings a different crowd!

Padang Padang

Baby Padang




What kind of wave is Impossibles?

Impossibles is well known for long tubes that are more than likely to lock you out. While there doesn’t seem to be an exact science to predicting waves at impossibles, the break is known to line up on larger swells (5 ft +) and especially low tides. There are typically two take off zones to choose from at Impossibles; the top and bottom sections. The upper section may work on a smaller swell but the bottom section is known for its predictably hollow sections.

On the right day, under perfect conditions, you may spot a set breaking from the top end of the reef near Padang Padang that will hold up through walled, barreling, and long shoulder sections for upwards of 400 meters. These will dump you right at the top of Bingin closing out in front of the lagoon. Last tip: be sure to know your limits. Although Impossibles is always a couple of feet smaller than Uluwatu it can definitely be a swell magnet in the dry season and surfers should be prepared with an entry and exit strategy from the water (with or without your board).

Wave type:
  • Impossibles: Reef Break

Wave difficulty:
  • Impossibles: Experienced

Wave direction:
  • Impossibles: Left

Wave bottom:
  • Impossibles: Reef


Impossibles: Recommended

Surfboard type:

Impossibles: Something wider for speed

Crowd factor:
  • Impossibles: Medium Crowds


Impossibles: See below

Best swell direction:

Impossibles: W

Best wind direction:

Impossibles: SE

What tide is best:

Impossibles: Low

Best tide movement:

Impossibles: Rising low tide

Wave consistency:

Impossibles: Inconsistent

Best time of year:

Impossibles: Dry Season; April – October

Lineup vibe:

Impossibles: Typically fun and friendly

Other names for spot:

Impossibles: None

Most Common hazards

Although Impossibles is typically a deeper reef than other areas of the Bukit there are sections of shallow reef to be cautious of down the line. While fast-breaking waves can get you caught on the inside on dry reef with powerful serges of water. Be extra cautious when entering and exiting the surf over the reef, take your time to watch surfers first to get an idea of what you need to be cautious of. It is very common for surfers to get injured when coming in over the reef here, therefore, be sure you have the skill required to handle this spot before you head out.

Regardless of your experience, reef-related injuries are not a matter of if, but when. Proper planning prevents unnecessary time out of the water, and the best place to start is a first aid kit.

How do you get in and out of the surf?

At Impossibles you have 3 options:

Option 1: You can either paddle over from the beach at Padang Padang, Impossibles is just on the Northern end of the beach.

Option 2: You can also access Impossibles from Bingin, but be forewarned you’ll have to descend all of the steps to Bingin followed by a traverse through the lagoon and long paddle up the reef.

Option 3: A third option is to descend to the middle of the reef using the Anantara Resort Elevator. Bear in mind, you’ll have to paddle across a shallow section of reef under the influence of strong currents. When choosing your takeoff zone, keep an eye out to see if there are slower sections of the wave and this is probably your best bet.

What is the beach like?

Impossibles beach is nestled north of Padang Padang beach and the southern end of Bingin beach, two of the most picturesque beaches on the Bukit peninsula. Both are accessed by stairs and descend down from the cliffs and parking areas. You can access Impossibles beach known as Pantai Pemutih from either beach which is really all the same stretch of beach but is restricted by the tide and areas of rock. The beach here is characterised by a narrow section of coarsely textured white sand, mossy cliff sides, and a number of exposed chunks of rock big and small.

Where should I stay?

There’s plenty to choose from as far as surf style accommodations go in the vicinity along the reef at Impossibles. Below we have provided the best options to access the surf in all price brackets to accommodate every type of surfer planning their surf trip to Impossibles Bali.
Cheapest Price Range – Medori Putih Homestay

Medori Putih Homestay offers a secluded slice of Bali without the added luxury. There are no complaints when you’re sitting poolside, grinding on local grub, or taking a quick stroll to some of the best waves of your life. Considering the cost, Medori Putih Homestay should be plenty luxurious for the hardcore surfer dead set on riding waves. Friendly staff are happy to help you find what you’re looking for, including local tips on waves, restaurants, or local hangouts. All in all, if you’re surfer focused on exploring the world around you, you’ll love what Medori Putih Homestay has to offer.


Affordable Price Range – The Inn Possible

A hop skip and a jump from the beach, The Inn Possible is the ideal surf accommodation at Impossibles Beach. Not too cheap and not too pricey, you can’t ask for more with brilliant views of the end section at Impossibles reef. All-day healthy food from their open-air ocean view dining and bar area will recharge the batteries while you wait for the tide. The Inn Possible provides surf lessons, which aren’t a bad idea for intermediate surfers approaching Impossibles for the first time. While you won’t find air conditioning or a pristine swimming pool, you won’t have much to complain about when you’re laying beach-side in a hammock with a cocktail. The Inn Possible is great for groups looking for space.


Mid Price Range – Rock’n Reef

For the price, the Rock’n Reef is arguably the best Impossibles accommodation on the list. Simple driftwood style beach bungalows are located directly along the cliffs from impossibles. Padang Padang is a 3-minute walk away and Dreamland, Uluwatu, and Bingin are a short scooter ride away. You won’t miss out on those shifty perfect sets that come through few and far between as you are situated front and centre at the upper end of the reef. Rock’n Reef is great for those surfing couples looking for added privacy, or families and surfers looking to step up their accommodation game in the mid-range price bracket.


Luxury Price Range – Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort

Anantara Resort is a great example of luxurious and unique accommodation in the vicinity of Impossibles. With spectacular ocean views of the surf across the entire reef from the top of the cliff and including a private elevator to get you down the cliff and into the surf at Impossibles, there really is no questioning its lavish facilities. Anantara offers privacy, extreme comfort, and a casual atmosphere. Your room is built practically atop cliffside with the most modern comforts imaginable from infinity pools, spa, and 5-star restaurants. If you’re looking for the highest luxury possible Anantara is a great choice for you, but if you don’t mind a few steps below the lap of luxury, check out some of the other surf accommodations on this list.



Is there food nearby?

You can find your typical Warrung style food in Padang Padang or on the beach in Bingin. There’s plenty of resorts and restaurants in the vicinity as well.

Dugong at Suarga Padang Padang is a great place to grab a drink or bite to eat cliff-side but is a bit pricey. Which is understandable considering the quality of the food and dining under the authentic bamboo roof, accompanied by panoramic 220-metre cliff frontage.

Trattoria Uluwatu has great authentic Italian food. Being a long-standing restaurant in the area it is certainly here to stay and a great go-to for reliable refuelling for that next surf.

Keep your eyes peeled as you walk, bike, or scooter around the area, you’ll be sure to find something interesting just about everywhere you look.

What else is there to do in the area other than surfing?

Anantara Spa – Organise a day of authentic but luxurious pampering for your girlfriend while you clock up some time in the green room. Anantara also has a number of restaurants open to the public if they are not fully booked which provide incredible views over the entire reef at Impossibles and spectacular sunsets.

Dugong Lounge & Bar offers a relaxed, and luxurious setting for a quiet drink and nibble.

Fine-tune your camera skills while you take in the amazing sunsets cliff side. The Impossibles area of the Bukit is a spectacle to be seen, so spend some time taking photos in and out of the surf that you will certainly remember for a lifetime.

What else
do I need
to Know?

As always in Bali, never fight in the line-up. There’s a strong disliking towards travelers, surfers, or expats who don’t follow this rule. Strong disliking is probably an understatement, you’ll be asked to leave and it won’t be pretty. So just be cool in the line-up and respect surfing etiquette.


Where is Impossibles?

Impossibles is located between Bingin and Padang Padang in Pecatu area on the Bukit peninsula.

How to get around?

You can get around everywhere in the area most efficiently by scooter. Scooters are great as they allow you to weave between traffic, when necessary, and don’t take as much space parking.

Is there parking fees?

Depending on where you paddle out from parking fees vary as described below.

Padang Padang parking is 2,000Rp per scooter and 5,000Rp per car. From the parking lot, you will have to cross the road and then pay 10,000Rp to enter the beach. Bingin Parking is 5,000Rp per scooter.

How to get there?
Step 1 
If you’re headed south from Kuta, head towards the Bypass road and follow the signs for Nusa Dua.
Step 2 
After a few kilometres you’ll see a turn off for Uluwatu to the right. This will take you up a hill towards the mouth of Bali’s Bukit Penninsula.
Step 3   
Follow the signs for Uluwatu and Padang Padang Beach. This will take you to Padang Padang. If you go past the parking lot once arriving at Padang Padnag you will reach a bridge with a fantastic view to the right of Padang Padang Beach. You can’t miss it. If you get to the bridge spin around and park up at the parking lot a couple hundred metres before the bridge.
Step 4 
Remember, Impossibles can be accessed from Padang Padang or Bingin, for more information on getting to Bingin beach, see our spot guide for Bingin.