Bingin Surf Spot

Once upon a time, the Bingin surf break, situated at the bottom of a cliff was a secret spot with uncrowded waves.

However, due to the quality and consistency of the perfect left-hand barrel that the wave produces, word spread far and wide, and this beautiful wave is now very rarely uncrowded. You can still find a quiet warung in the cliff face village to enjoy a Bintang with your mates while watching the waves and surfers do their thing. Bingin Beach is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches on the Bukit Peninsula. Secluded, clear water, tight and densely vegetated cliffs, and perfect waves make it a hotspot for tourists. But beware; to access the beach, you’ll need to climb down a set of steep stairs that don’t bode well for the unfit or faint of heart. Bingin has a wide variety of accommodation on offer and surfing Bingin will leave you stoked till your next trip.

Padang Padang

Baby Padang 




What kind of wave is Bingin?

Bingin offers what many surfers travel to Bali looking for, clean, perfect barrels. A tight take-off opens up to a hollow left on a mid-low tide for about 50 metres. Bear in mind, the wave is not long and surfers who try to stick it out for an open shoulder tend to leave a lot of skin on a small section of reef known as “stop signs.”

Because of the near perfect nature of the wave at Bingin Beach, you’ll most likely run into some crowds in the line-up. This can be a speckled group of locals, well versed in the contours of the shallow reef below, or expert surfing travellers and expats looking to get shacked.

The vibe isn’t much to worry about but it is a challenge for even the most experienced surfers to get waves in this tight take-off zone. So remember to keep your cool, respect the line-up, don’t throw snowballs, and you might get your chance to drop into the infamous greenroom (and kick out unscathed!)

Wave type:
  • Bingin: Reef Break

Wave difficulty:
  • Bingin: Experienced

Wave direction:
  • Bingin: Left

Wave bottom:
  • Bingin: Reef


Bingin: Personal preference

Surfboard type:

Bingin: Rounded pin shortboard

Crowd factor:
  • Bingin: Crowded


Bingin: Exposed shallow reef end section

Best swell direction:

Bingin: SW

Best wind direction:

Bingin: SE

What tide is best:

Bingin: Mid tide (high is mushy, low is shallow)

Best tide movement:

Bingin: High to low

Wave consistency:

Bingin: Consistent

Best time of year:

Bingin: Dry Season; April – October

Lineup vibe:

Bingin: Lots of hassling

Other names for spot:

Bingin: None

How do you get in and out of the surf?

The reef is a short paddle out from the beach. Be sure to take your time and wait for a good lull in between sets and be sure to keep clear of oncoming surfers. Don’t be that person that spoils someone’s wave by being in the way down the line.

Be very wary of the conditions and have some awareness of your ability to surf this level of reef break. Don’t be fooled, Bingins perfect lefts pack some punch and pitch over sharp and shallow reef.

Regardless of your experience, reef-related injuries are not a matter of if, but when. Proper planning prevents unnecessary time out of the water, and the best place to start is a first aid kit.

What is the beach like?

As I mentioned above, Bingin is one of the more beautiful beaches that you’ll find in Bali with stunning views over the Indian Ocean. The white sandy beach is located at the bottom of a steep set of about 200 steps that will give the legs one hell of a work out (for shorter people the Balinese sure build big steps) and will get the body sweating. Bingin is one of many hidden beaches that offers great waves, gorgeous views, a few shady spots from the sun, shelter from the trade winds, great people watching and plenty of warungs to keep you well fed. It’s a nice spot for swimming and cooling off in the water when the tide is on the higher side with enough water to keep you off the reef.

Where should I stay?

There is a wide array of accommodation styles at Bingin Beach caters to all types of surfers and travellers, there’s a little bit for everyone. The most comfortable and luxurious accommodations are set on top of the cliff with stunning views. While some of the cheapest accommodations are set along the cliff face (with the exception of a few) only a few steps away from the beach and into the surf. Hardcore surfers have been shacking up in these types of budget rooms for years, most without air conditioning just so they can get into the surf at Bingin at any moment and avoid the tiring climb back up a couple hundred stairs!
cheap-accommodation-for surfers-bingin-beach
Cheapest Price Range – Nyoman & Nyoman Bingin Beach

Near the bottom of the cliff close to beach level, Nyoman & Nyoman provides surfers looking to clock up serious water time at Bingin Beach with a clean and basic room to rest the weary body after a long day paddling in the surf. A series of balconies also provide a great front row viewing platform to chill, refuel and rest up between surfing sessions. As always remember in Bali you get what you pay for in the cheapest accommodation price range which is more than fine with most surfers.


Affordable Price Range – Bingin Inn

The Bingin Inn offers a modern surf style accommodation only 50 metres from the beach. With AC on offer and an in-house warung style cafe you’re sure to be comfortable, clean, and well-fed. There are plenty of different style accommodations to choose from ranging from 4 person dorm/hostel style bunk rooms, private double rooms, and standard single rooms. Considering you’re not in the lap of luxury, Bingin Inn is a great place for surfers, couples, and families looking for a cheap and comfortable place to stay close to the beach in Bingin.


Affordable Price Range – Leggie’s Bungalows

100 meters from the beach before you make your way down the stairs Leggie’s Bungalows is much like most other homestays in the area however it has a pool. Considering how cheap it is, I’m not sure you’ll find a better place to stay in Bali. Some rooms lack AC, so you might be sweating a bit at night, but who cares when you’re getting barrelled all day? If you’re not surfing or enjoying a few beers, you’ll find some peace and quiet in your private bungalow by the pool. Truly a beautiful spot for the budget-conscious traveller, Leggie’s Bungalows are great for surfers, couples, and singles looking for a comfortable place to rest your head.


Mid Price Range – Inn Possible Cliff House

Relax in style with direct access to the white sandy beach and surf below at Bingin and Impossibles through a flight of stairs. The Inn Possible has a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean and the surf. This also offers an on-site restaurant and bar and free WiFi access throughout. Also available is a concierge service where the friendly staff are available to assist guests. It is a bit of a walk to access this accommodation, however, if your main goal is surfing Bingin or Impossibles then it is more than worth it considering you’ll be so close to the surf.


Mid Price Range – Mahi Mahi Villa & Suites

Situated in the heart of Bingin just a short walk to the Bingin Cliff to access the surf and easy access to Bingin’s best restaurants. Mahi Mahi Villa & Suites comprises of two separate properties with everything you need to make yourself comfortable in a prime location. The villas are essentially a home away from home and also feature an outdoor pool, free WiFi and free private parking for guests with scooters or cars. A great choice of accommodation for couples or small groups looking to surf and relax without breaking the bank.


Mid Price Range – Swell Bali

Swell Bali is the purpose-built surf hotel of your dreams. Located in the centre of Bingin, one of Bali’s trendiest surfing hotspots, you can access some of Bali’s best surf on foot. Swell Bali has created the perfect surf accommodation for solo travellers or sociable couples and friends to get to know fellow surfers and travellers. Their brand new accommodation consists of nine guestrooms with a super-king-sized bed or the option of twin beds, air conditioning, gentle LED lighting, fans and ensuite bathrooms. When you are not sleeping or surfing Bali’s best waves, some a short walk from their front door, they have designed the ultimate place to chill, play, eat, drink and socialise.


Luxury Price Range – The Temple Lodge

The Temple Lodge is arguably one of the most beautiful places you could choose to stay in Bali. Walking distance from the beach, Temple Lodge offers private suites and bungalows with secluded open-air rooms, private pools, traditional architecture, and ocean views. Many of the suites offer multiple bedrooms for families or couples travelling with friends. Each suite is different and offers its own particular flare from coral caves to driftwood cabins. The restaurant is cliffside and offers traditional food that will keep your mouth watering. The Temple Lodge is a great choice of accommodation for anyone looking for a magical and paradise-like stay in style.


Luxury Price Range – Morabito Art Cliff

Sunsets from the bed and all the bells and whistles for those looking to go all out for a night or two. The Morabito Art Cliff provides a little something different in Bali. The architecture and interior were designed by French, Paris based Pascal Morabito and is composed of five lofts; Santorini, Miami, Capri, Manhattan and Cartagena. Each unique to the region it is named after. Think, an oasis of pure relaxation with world-class surf in your front yard. A great option for honeymoon surfers looking for luxury.



Is there food nearby?

The quality of food in the Bingin area improves year after year. There’s plenty of options to choose from, many which focus on health-conscious cuisine for the surfer looking to fuel up and make the most of catching waves while on a surfing holiday.

Sunset Beach BBQ – The local warungs at Bingin Beach set up tables in the sand for a sunset fish BBQ bringing together surfers and the likes together for dinner in a beautiful setting and social atmosphere.

The Cashew Tree – Hands down amazing food! Like many of the food options in Bali, The Cashew Tree is geared towards healthy food that is not only nutritious but delicious. Be sure to check out the cappuccino art! There’s a great party scene at The Cashew Tree, so be sure to cruise by in the evening for a nightcap as well.

Kelly’s Warung – Classic beachfront Warung with great smoothies, coffee, and healthy food. Casual beachfront seating offers a great view of Bingin while you’re waiting for the tide to drain, or fill back in.

Casa Asia Bingin – Authentic Italian food is tough to come by in Indonesia. If you’re hungry you won’t be disappointed with massive portions of Pizza, Lasagna, or Tiramisu. Great place for families looking to feed hungry kids or couples looking for a romantic night out with good food.

What else is there to do in the area other than surfing?

Bali Training Centre ( Muay Thai, Boxing, Fitness) – Known to host a great party, Bali Training Centre in Bingin is a great way to stay in shape, stay social, and burn off the calories from your last twelve Bintangs. Adjacent to the Cashew Tree, it’s a great option for your pre or post meal workout. They also offer accommodations so you might find everything you’re looking for from your fitness regime, food, and a place to crash.

Yoga at MU BINGIN BALI – Yoga is a great way to cross-train, limber up and get your body realigned for your next session in the surf. Mu Bingin Bali is a boutique resort that offers accommodation andVinyasa Flow or Hatha style yoga classes (which are perfect for surfers) in an open-air wooden floor area, allowing you to enjoy the ocean breeze during your sequence. It is also a great place for couples or singles looking to be social, Yoga is a great way to get to know some locals or expats in the area.

The Cashew Tree – Regular party nights on Thursday night with live music, drinks, dancing, and surfers keen to mingle. The Cashew Tree provides seriously epic food (hands down the best in the area) and a local party scene, don’t miss out.

What else
do I need
to Know?

I might have mentioned it a few times already but don’t forget, there’s a steep set of stairs to access Bingin Beach. The lower the tide, the more reef is exposed at stop signs so don’t forget to kick out before you wind up high and dry with a new Bali reef tattoo.


Where is Bingin Beach?

Bingin Beach is located on the western side of the Bukit Peninsula in Southern Bali. When you first arrive, you will have to walk down some narrow alleyways and if you haven’t been there before, you will question if you are in the right place. But don’t worry, eventually, the alleyways open up to a beautiful ocean view and stairways to lead you down to the hidden beach and Bingin surf spot.

How to get around?

You can get just about anywhere in Bingin by foot but to get to other surf spots a scooter and surfboard racks are essential. There’s plenty of other world class waves in the nearby area of Uluwatu so be sure to try your luck around the area. Traveling by car works as well as the roads are quieter in the area however two wheels are better than four.

Is there parking fees?

Most of Bingin’s access roads are small so it is forbidden to park along the street. There is a large parking area where you will pay a fee of 5,000Rp per scooter at Bingin and from there the alleyway will lead you down to the infamous Bingin stairs.

How to get to Bingin?
Step 1 
From the airport head south towards the Bukit peninsula along Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai.
Step 2 
Drive approximately 2.8 km from Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai and then turn right onto Jalan Raya Uluwatu go straight for approximately 20 km, the road will become Jalan Raya Uluwatu Pecatu during this time.
Step 3   
After the road makes an exact 90 degrees right angle turn you will take the next right onto Jalan Labuansait.
Step 4   
Drive for nearly 3 km and turn right onto Jalan Pantai Bingin in Pecatu and drive straight for approximately 1.3km until you reach the Bingin carpark.