Berawa Beach also commonly spelt Brawa offers a slightly less crowded but less quality alternative to the other surf spots a little further west in Canggu.  The closest break to Seminyak, and a quick 20-30 minute drive from Seminyak dining and shopping options, Berawa offers mellow rights and lefts that break over a mixed rocky reef out the back and sand bottom through the inside. Technically walking distance (10 minutes plus) from Batu Bolong and Echo Beach, Berawa offers another option on your drive north from Kuta for a quick session.  




What kind of wave is The Peak?

The Peak breaks down the line from The Ledge on a soft right shoulder that tends to close out on the shore through in front of Finns Beach Club on the higher tides. If you keep up your speed and stay on the shoulder, soft as it may be, you’ll wind up with a much quicker, shallow, dumpy shore break section on the inside that is great for aerials or the occasional mini lock-out barrel.



What kind of wave is The Ledge?

The Ledge is located straight out in front of Legong Keraton Beach Hotel and Finns Beach Club and works best on a low tide. Outback expect a semi-heavy lip that sometimes barrels in shallow water if the conditions are just right. On the best days The Ledge will link up with The Peak and you can surf all the way into the beach.


What kind of wave is The Bombie?

Bombies is a lesser-known wave that breaks farther out to sea from The Ledge on a big day. Lower tides tend to offer longer waves breaking over the reef on the outside, but as the waves move further up the beach you can expect more of a shore break closer into shore.  While not the best spot on bigger swells due to waves that closeout, you’re still sure to have a fun session without many others in the lineup.

    • Wave type:

      The Peak: Beach break
      The Ledge: Reef break
      Bombies: Reef break

    • Wave difficulty:

      The Peak: Beginner
      The Ledge: Intermediate
      Bombies: Intermediate

    • What way does the wave break:

      The Peak: Left and right
      The Ledge: Right
      Bombies: Left and right

    • Sea bottom:

      The Peak: Sand
      The Ledge: Rocky reef/sand
      Bombies: Rocky reef/sand

  • Booties:

    The Peak: No
    The Ledge: No
    Bombies: No

  • Surfboard type:

    The Peak: Fish
    The Ledge: Fish
    Bombies: Fish

  • Crowd factor:

    The Peak: Medium crowds
    The Ledge: Crowded
    Bombies: Empty

  • Hazards:

    The Peak: Shallow shore break
    The Ledge: Rocky reef
    Bombies: Long-distance offshore

    • Best swell direction:

      The Peak: SW
      The Ledge: SW
      Bombies: SW

    • Best wind direction:

      The Peak: NE
      The Ledge: NE
      Bombies: NE

    • What tide does it work best on:

      The Peak: Low tide
      The Ledge: Low tide
      Bombies: Low tide

    • Best tide movement for surfing:

      The Peak: Mid to low
      The Ledge: Mid to low
      Bombies: Mid to low


  • How consistent is the surf:

    The Peak: Consistent
    The Ledge: Inconsistent
    Bombies: Inconsistent

  • Best time of year for waves:

    The Peak: Year-round
    The Ledge: April – October
    Bombies: April – October

  • What is the vibe like in the lineup:

    The Peak: Mellow
    The Ledge: Competitive
    Bombies: Mellow

  • What other names does Berawa’s spots go by?


How do you get in and out of the surf?

Short paddle to the line-up from the beach.  Keep an eye out for breaks in the peaks and rips that can alleviate some of your future bicep burn and help you paddle out through the shore break.  



What is the beach like?

Berawa beach is a long stretch of black sand that ends with a large lagoon on the southern end.  Due to rip currents, the nature of shallow shore breaks, and the sometimes rocky bottom further out, Berawa isn’t the best for swimmers and waders.  There’s plenty to do in town and you’re only a short scooter ride from Batu Bolong, Echo Beach, and other spots throughout Canggu if you’re looking for some diversity in your surf trip.  

Where should I stay?


Cheapest Price Range  – Charlie Brown Surf Stay

Charlie Brown Surf Stay offers a beautiful venue, clean comfortable rooms, and a ten-minute walk to the beach.  Be prepared with cash before your arrival as you won’t be able to pay with debit or credit cards.  It’s also a good idea to be well equipped with bug spray for the occasional critter overnight who might give you a nibble.  Charlie Brown Surf Stay is associated with the surf school which offers guiding services all over Canggu for an additional fee.  Overall, great location, friendly staff, and tasty food will leave you without complaints.


Mid Price Range – Koa Surfer Hotel

If you don’t mind newly renovated accommodations, gorgeous pool and deck with ocean views, innovative and artsy architecture, and the occasional cocktail at the rooftop bar, Koa Surfer Hotel could be a great place for you.  It has more of a hostel feel than your typical luxury hotel but this comes with pros and cons.  A 5-minute walk from the beach and surf at Berawa, Koa Surfer Hotel provides a fun and social atmosphere surrounded by quirky surf themed decor.  Breakfast is included but leaves a little to be desired, but delicious and affordable room service may make up the difference for you. Great for surfers looking for a step up in accommodation.


Luxury Price Range – The Haven Suites Bali Berawa

The Haven Suites Bali Berawa offers a luxurious traditional western hotel for travellers, honeymooners, and families alike.  The most expensive option on our list, you definitely get what you pay for at the Haven Suites Bali Berawa.  Obviously free wifi, Haven Suites Bali Berawa includes a private butler, private beach club, and beachfront suites for travellers looking for a bit more privacy located adjacent to the beach.  Still great for surfers on a bigger budget, The Haven Suites is far from your typical bare minimum hostel.  

Is there food nearby?

The Berawa area is home to a lot of great places to eat both local and western style food and with the rising tide of expats and cyber nomads that seem to be quickly populating Bali’s beach communities, you’re sure to find a lot of trendy grinds at some of the newer local cafes and restaurants. Some great options are provided in detail below.

Matcha Cafe Bali – Is a neighbourhood cafe serving up a line of matcha green tea beverages and specialty Indonesian coffee which is freshly roasted in Bali from Tanamera. Their healthy organic menu includes many vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar free options.

Satu Satu Coffee Company – Highly rated for its coffee and food with hundreds of raving reviews on Tripadvisor. This coffee shop cafe is easily a top choice for breakfast or lunch and great service in the Berawa area. Everything on the menu is a great choice but the salmon bagel is good to go! Satu Satu Coffee Company was opened by the Sudana family, who are well known in Bali for producing some of the island’s finest quality coffee. Their family-owned coffee plantations in Lawak village, Belok, Sidan, Petang, and Badung have been operating since 1985 and have always focussed on producing coffee the natural way using traditional Balinese methods.

Nude Cafe – Great for raw food meals, smoothies, juices and a wide range of other quality types of breakfast and lunch food. A popular spot with a nice vibe and tasty fusions of your favourite food.

Peloton – If you are yet to give vegan dining a go here is your chance. This plant-based cafe serves incredibly good food sure to satisfy even the biggest of eaters. Reviews from all types of diners are great.

TYGR Sushi – As far as Japanese style food goes in Bali most will say that TYGR Sushi is the best you can get for sure. Just about everyone’s reviews mention visiting multiple times after their first visit. Exceptional quality, good portion sizes all at a fair price.

Canggu Station Grocery Store – If you are staying in the area for a longer period of time the Canggu Station grocery store near the Canggu Club located in Berawa has the best selection of food supplies in the area and most likely the whole of Bali.

What else is there to do in the area other than surfing?

Sunset Pilates Studio – Berawa beach, not unlike other destinations in Indo, seems to attract a pretty health/fitness conscious crowd.  With that being said, Sunset Pilates Studio offers a professional fitness atmosphere for your pre-post surf session or for those less interested in paddling out through the local shorebreak.  

La Laguna Bali is a magical spot for a more peaceful and zen sunset drink. The same owners of La Brisa, La Favela, and La Plancha provide an absolutely beautiful widespread gypsy-like setting with La Laguna that leads from the forest to the beach. Great for couples, check it out for regular events or simply a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. 

Kai Skybar Rooftop at Koa Surfer Hotel has a happy hour from 3-6pm every day on their rooftop bar which has the tallest view of the ocean in Berawa.

Finns Bali provides a fun and relaxed setting where individuals, families and corporate members enjoy opportunities for socialising, spot, play, business and networking. Finns is split into two large establishments, the Finns Recreation Club and Finns Beach Club mentioned below.

Finns Beach Club is located on the beach in front of the surf break at Berawa providing a great spot to relax in the sun, swim in their 30-metre infinity edge pool with swim up pool bar and underwater speakers, pool parties, 180-degree ocean views and magnificent sunsets. At night Finns Beach Club is popular entertainment venue with regular DJ’s and ticketed events.

Finns Recreation Club covers a 4-hectare estate in the middle of Berawa giving you access to a great number of incredible facilities such as the Splash Water Park with plenty of adventurous water slides for children, teenagers and the energetic adult. There is a premier fitness facility that includes a large range of training options and a stylish business centre and co-working space with high-speed wifi and butler service for those surfers that are working remotely. Add Strike Ten Pin Bowling, Bounce Trampoline Centre, sports grounds and more to the mix and you’re in for a great time.

Konkrete – Located in the heart of Berawa, Konkrete offers a more modern version of Bali designed for and by expatriate hipsters looking to increase the social scene in the area.  Offering live music, happy hours and a local cafe. Konkrete is worth a visit during your next trip to Berawa but if you’re into ripping some turns in a smooth skate bowl, unfortunately, the skate bowl no longer features.  

What else do I need to know?

Charlie Brown Surf School offers a plethora of services from ding repair, board rental, and surf lessons to surf guiding, photography, general gear, clothing, and accommodation.  Photography and videography is not only a great way to document your surf trip but also invaluable for surfers looking to critique their technique and improve their surfing ability.  Private lessons are great for beginner surfers so make the most of the sand bottom beach breaks in the area while you are in Bali.  


Where is Berawa?

Berawa neighbours Canggu to the south, in the Kerobokan District of Bali province of Indonesia. When you travel across the Canggu shortcut you cross from Berawa into Canggu.

How to get around?

Definitely one of Indo’s more walkable communities, you can easily get from beach to beach on foot if you’re willing to walk the shoreline a while.  If not, a scooter is always recommended for bypassing general traffic (which grows more with each coming year).

Is there parking fees?

There are no parking fees at the end of Jalan Pantai Berawa when you arrive at Berawa Beach however parking there isn’t really suited to cars so be sure to take your scooter. Sometimes you may come out of the surf to find your scooter parked 2 or 3 deep so be prepared to move a few scooters around when leaving or park further up the street to avoid any hassles.

How to get there?

Step 1. From the airport take Jalan Airport Ngurah Rai and turn left at the roundabout onto Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai.

Step 2. Continue on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai to Jalan Sunset Road by keeping right and taking the underpass.

Step 3. Continue on Jalan Sunset Road until it becomes Jalan Raya Kerobokan.

Step 4. Continue on Jalan Raya Kerobokan for approximately 1.2km and turn left onto Jalan Petitenget and continue onto Jalan Batu Belig.

Step 5. Continue for approximately 3 km and turn left onto Jalan Subak Sari 13 then take the next right onto Gang Sri Kahyangan and then turn left at the next intersection onto Jalan Pantai Berawa. Continue for approximately 300m until you reach Berawa beach.