format_quoteSurf Indonesia has been invaluable for planning trips throughout Indo. Being able to identify accommodations without having to go through all of the options available online has been tremendously helpful. Perfect for anyone planning on going to Indo.
Arlo Gibb
format_quoteHas everything I need to know.
Ryan Shaper
format_quoteThis website is a massive time saver and I quite like the fillable trip planner in the resource folder, although one of the fields doesn't work. It’s certainly worth getting a membership.
Josh McKay
format_quoteSuper helpful to find fun waves. There’s nothing more frustrating than going to a remote area and not being able to surf because the waves are only suitable for pros.
Sally Lyons
format_quoteNext level info for the ultimate search for pumping waves throughout Indo! Incredibly detailed, ideal for surfers of all levels and covers all styles of accommodation. Key travel companion to make life breezy on the search.
Nick Baker
format_quoteSuper helpful hub of information. These guys are very much on the ball. The spot guides enabled us to score epic waves in Lombok while also accommodating my friend who had a bit more of a beginner skillset. Essential for a great trip!
Joe Robinson
format_quoteEpic Guide to Indo. Perfect for working out where you should be going too before you paddle out and realise it's a lot more than you can handle. The travel info is a huge help to find airports unheard of by regular travel agents.
Dan Pryde
format_quoteGame changing. Saved me hours of time scrolling through endless google pages. Including answers to questions, I hadn't even asked yet.
format_quoteGoldmines waiting to be discovered. Epic mountain of knowledge that can be used for surfers of all levels. Heaps of info about the waves and life in each place. A great way to plan an amazing trip, to find new ideas and areas to travel to. Sick photos!
Mick Lammers
format_quoteVery informative. Would highly recommend this to anyone heading to Indo for a surf trip.
Deow Owen
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