format_quoteI've travelled to Indo a bunch of times in the past with no first aid supplies and been caught out with reef cuts that could have been an easy fix if I was prepared. This kit is perfect for the everyday battler like myself (with a limited first aid knowledge) who is bound to cope a few battle scars to get patched up and back out there!
Eddie Heenan
format_quoteLove it. Well stocked and easy to make sense of
Debs Booth
format_quoteBought this not sure if I would use it much but wanted to have all bases covered. Used it more than 5 times while tripping around Bali with a few reef scrapes. Absolutely worth the investment, jam packed with the essentials and more. Highly recommend carrying one in your board bag wherever you go, I will be from now on!
Bridget Paddon
format_quoteI have put myself in the predicament of travelling without a first aid kit on surf trips in the past and I can tell you first hand there is nothing worse than hitting the reef and then having to track down a first aid kit. Big fan of the adhesive stretch dressing as it stays on even after getting back in the water. Be prepared and get yourself one of these kits before your next surf mission.
Tom Heenan
format_quoteArrived in good time, well packed and presented, thankyou.
Richard C.
format_quoteBought for a friend. Arrived in good time and looks great.
format_quoteGreat first aid kit for treating reef cuts. The hemostatic gauze works wonders on kickstarting the blood clotting process and the splinter probe makes life a hell of a lot easier when removing sea urchin spines. All in all this first aid kit is full of items you will end up using and is must-have for travelling to Indo.
Phillip Ballantyne
format_quoteSuper handy surfers first aid kit to have on hand for treating reef cuts and many other things while travelling.
Arlo Gibb
format_quoteMine travels with me everywhere. The kit is thoughtfully packed utilizing every bit of space so it's easy to travel with.
Josh Mckay
format_quoteBefore going to Indonesia I wasn’t sure whether I was being overly cautious by buying this reef cut kit. I can honestly say it’s one of the most important things I brought with me. In my first 3 days of surfing I already cut up my foot and I’m so glad that I had my own personal reef cut kit. Reef cuts are nasty, even small ones get badly infected and when I cut mine it wouldn’t stop bleeding. When this happens you don’t want to rely on anybody else or the facilities they have here (which are limited). The kit has everything you need, and more importantly it’s got instructions online as to exactly what to do.

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